Numbers 31:9 Cross References - Coverdale

9 And ye children of Israel toke the wemen of the Madianites presoners, & their childre: all their catell, all their substaunce, and all their goodes spoiled they,

Numbers 31:15-16

15 and sayde vnto the: Haue ye saued all ye wemen alyue? 16 Beholde, haue not they (thorow Balaams busynes) turned awaye ye childre of Israel to synne agaynst the LORDE vpo Peor, & their came a plage ouer the whole cogregacion of ye LORDE?

Deuteronomy 20:14

14 saue the wemen and the children. As for the catell, and all that is in the cite, and all the spoyle, thou shalt take them vnto thy selfe, and eate the spoyle of thine enemies, which the LORDE thy God hath geuen the.

2 Chronicles 28:5

5 Therfore dyd the LORDE his God delyuer him in to the hande of the kynge of Syria, so that they smote him, and caryed awaye a greate multitude of his men presoners, and broughte them to Damascon. He was geuen also vnder the hande of the kynge of Israel, so yt he dyd a greate slaughter vpon him.

2 Chronicles 28:8-10

8 And the children of Israel caried of their brethren presoners two hundreth thousande, wemen, sonnes and doughters, and toke a greate spoyle from them, and broughte the spoyle vnto Samaria. 9 But eue there was there a prophet of ye LORDE, whose name was Obed, which wete out to mete ye hoost that came to Samaria, and sayde vnto them: Beholde, because the LORDE God of youre fathers is wroth at Iuda, therfore hath he geuen them ouer in to youre handes: but ye haue slayne them so abhominably, that it is come vnto heaue. 10 Now thinke ye to subdue the children of Iuda and Ierusalem, to be bondmen and bondmaydens vnto you. Is not this a trespace then wt you agaynst the LORDE yor God?

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