Numbers 17:7 Cross References - Coverdale

7 And Moses layed the staues before the LORDE in the Tabernacle of witnesse.

Exodus 38:21

21 This is now the summe of the Habitacion of wytnesse (which was counted at the comaundemet of Moses to ye Gods seruice of the Leuites vnder the hade of Ithamar the sonne of Aaron the prest)

Numbers 18:2

2 But thy brethren of the trybe of Leui yi father, shal come nye the, & be ioyned vnto the, that they maye mynistre vnto ye. But thou & thy sonnes wt the, shal mynistre before ye Tabernacle of witnesse.

Acts 7:44

44 Oure fathers had the tabernacle of witnesse in ye wyldernesse, like as he appoynted them, whan he spake vnto Moses, that he shulde make it (acordinge to the patrone, yt he had sene.)

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