Nehemiah 1:1 Cross References - Coverdale

1 These are the actes of Nehemias the sonne of Hachalia. It fortuned in ye moneth Chisleu in ye twetieth yeare, that I was in the castell at Susan:

Ezra 7:7

7 And there wente vp certayne of the children of Israel, and of the prestes, and of the Leuites, of the syngers, of the porters, and of the Nethinims vnto Ierusalem, in the seuenth yeare of kynge Artaxerses.

Ezra 10:9

9 Then all the men of Iuda and Ben Iamin gathered them selues together vnto Ierusalem in thre dayes, yt is on the twentieth daye of the nyenth moneth: and all the people sat in the strete before the house of God, and trembled because of the matter, and for the rayne.

Nehemiah 2:1

1 In the moneth Nisan of the twentieth yeare of kynge Artaxerses, wha the wyne stode before him, I toke vp the wyne, and gaue it vnto ye kynge, and I was heuy in his presence.

Nehemiah 10:1

1 The sealers were: Nehemias (that is) Hathirsatha the sonne of Hachalia and Sedechias,

Esther 1:2

2 what tyme as he sat on his seate roiall in the castell of Susan

Esther 3:15

15 And the postes wente in all the haist acordynge to the kynges commaundement. And in the castell of Susan was the comaundement deuysed. And the kynge & Aman sat & dranke. But ye cite of Susan was disquieted.

Daniel 8:2

2 I sawe in a vision, (and when I sawe it, I was at Susis in the chefe cite, which lyeth in the londe off Elam) and in ye vision, me thought I was by the ryuer off Vlai.

Zechariah 7:1

1 It happened also in the fourth yeare of kynge Darius, that the worde of the LORDE came vnto Zachary in the fourth daye of the ix. moneth, which is calleth Casleu:

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