Matthew 9:14 Cross References - Coverdale

14 Then came the disciples of Ihon to hym sayinge: why do we & ye Pharises fast so oft: and thy disciples fast not?

Proverbs 20:6

6 Many there be that are called good doers, but where shal one fynde a true faithful ma?

Matthew 6:16

16 Moreouer when ye fast, be not sad as ye ypocrytes are. For they disfigure their faces, that they myght be sene of men to fast. Verely I saye vnto you: they haue their rewarde.

Matthew 11:2

2 Whan Ihon beinge in preson herde of the workes of Christ, he sent two of his disciples,

Matthew 11:18-19

18 For Ihon came nether eatinge nor drynkinge, & they saye: he hath the deuyll. 19 The sonne of man came eatinge and drynkinge, & they saye: lo what a glutton and wyne bebber this ma is, and a companyon of publicans & synners? And wissdome is iustified of hir children.

Mark 2:18-22

18 And the disciples of Ihon and of ye Pharises fasted. And there came certaine, which sayde vnto him: Why fast the disciples of Ihon, and of ye Pharises, and thy disciples fast not? 19 And Iesus sayde vnto them: How can the weddinge children fast, whyle the brydegrome is with them? So longe as ye brydegrome is with them, they can not fast. 20 But the tyme wyl come, that the brydegrome shalbe taken from them, and then shal they fast. 21 No man soweth a pece of new cloth vnto an olde garment, for els he taketh awaye the new pece from the olde, and so is the ret worse. 22 And no man putteh new wyne into olde vessels, els the new wyne breaketh the vessels, and the wyne is spylt, and ye vessels perishe: but new wyne must be put in to new vessels.

Luke 5:33-39

33 But they sayde vnto him: Wherfore fast ye disciples of Iho so of, & praye so moch, & the disciples of the Pharises likewyse, but yi disciples eate and drynke? 34 And he sayde vnto them: Can ye make the weddynge childre fast, so loge as the brydegrome is with the? 35 But the tyme wil come that the brydegrome shalbe take fro the, then shal they fast. 36 And he sayde vnto them a symilitude: No man putteth a pece of new cloth in to an olde garment: for els he renteth the new, and the pece of the new agreeth not with the olde. 37 And no man putteth new wyne in to olde vessels, for els ye new wyne barsteth the vessels, and runneth out it self, and the vessels perishe. 38 But new wyne must be put in to new vessels, and so are they both preserued. 39 And there is no man that drynketh the olde, and wolde straight waye haue the new, for he sayeth: the olde is pleasaunter.

Luke 18:9-12

9 And vnto certayne which trusted in the selues, that they were perfecte, and despysed other,he spake this symilitude: 10 There wente vp two men in to the teple, to praye: the one a Pharise, the other a publican. 11 The Pharise stode, and prayed by himself after this maner: I thanke the God, that I am not as other men, robbers, vnrighteous, aduouters, or as this publican. 12 I fast twyse in the weke, I geue the tithes of all that I haue.

John 3:25

25 Then arose there a question amonge the disciples of Ihon with the Iewes aboute the purifienge,

John 4:1

1 Now whan Iesus had knowlege, yt it was come to the eares of the Pharises, that Iesus made and baptised mo disciples the Ihon

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