Matthew 7:16 Cross References - Coverdale

16 Ye shall knowe them by their frutes. Do men gather grapes of thornes? or figges of thistles?

Matthew 7:20

20 Wherfore by their frutes ye shall knowe them.

Matthew 12:33

33 Either make the tre good and his frute good also, or els make the tre euel & his frute euel also. For the tre is knowne by the frute.

Luke 6:43-45

43 For it is no good tre, yt bryngeth forth euell frute: and no euell tre yt bringeth forth good frute. 44 Euery tre is knowne by his frute. For me gather not fygges of thornes, ner grapes of busshes. 45 A good ma out of ye good treasure of his hert, bryngeth forth yt which is good: and an euell ma out of the euell treasure of his hert, bryngeth forth that which is euell. For of the abundaunce of the hert, the mouth speaketh.

James 3:12

12 Can the fygge tree, my Brethren, beare oliue beries: ether a vyne beare fygges?

2 Peter 2:10-18

10 but specially them that walke after the flesh in ye lust of vnclennes, and despyse the rulers: beynge presumptuous, stubborne, and feare not to speake euell of the yt are in auctorite 11 wha the angels yet which are greater both in power and might, beare not that blasphemous iudgment agaynst them of the LORDE. 12 But these are as ye brute beestes, which naturally are broughte forth to be take and destroyed: speakynge euell of yt they knowe not, and shal perishe in their owne destruccion, 13 and so receaue ye rewarde of vnrighteousnes.They counte it pleasure to lyue deliciously for a season: Spottes are they and fylthynes: lyuynge at pleasure and in disceaueable wayes: feastynge wt that which is youres, 14 hauynge eyes full of aduoutrye, and ca not ceasse from synne, entysinge vnstable soules: hauynge an hert exercysed wt couetousnes: they are cursed children, 15 and haue forsaken the righte waye, and are gone astraye: folowinge the waye of Balaam the sonne of Bosor, which loued the rewarde of vnrighteousnes: 16 but was rebuked of his iniquyte. The tame and domme beast spake with mas voyce, & forbad the foolishnes of ye prophet. 17 These are welles without water, & cloudes caried aboute of a tepest: to who ye myst of darknesse is reserued foreuer. 18 For they speake ye proude wordes of vanite, vnto ye vttemost, and entyse thorow wantannes vnto ye luste of the flesh, euen them that were cleane escaped, and now walke in erroure:

Jude 1:10-19

10 But these speake euell off those thinges which they knowe not: and what thinges they knowe naturally, as beastes which are without reason, in tho thinges they corrupte them selues. 11 Wo be vnto the, for they haue folowed the waye of Cain, and are vtterly geue to the erroure of Balaam for lukers sake, and perysshe in the treason of Core. 12 These are spottes which of youre kindnes feast togedder, without feare, fedynge the selues. Cloudes they are withouten water, caried about of wyndes, and trees without frute at gadringe tyme, twyse deed and plucked vp by the rotes. 13 They are the ragynge waues of the see, fominge out their awne shame. They are wandrynge starres, to who is reserued the myst of darcknes for euer. 14 Enoch the seuenth from Adam prophecied before of suche, saienge: Beholde, the LORDE shal come with thousandes of sayntes, 15 to geue iudgemet agaynst all men, and to rebuke all that are vngodly amonge the, of all their vngodly dedes, which they haue vngodly committed, and of all their cruell speakynges, which vngodly synners haue spoken agaynst him. 16 These are murmurers, complaners, walkynge after their awne lustes, whose mouthes speake proude thynges. They haue me in greate reuerence because of avauntage. 17 But ye beloued, remeber the wordes which were spoken before of the Apostles of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, 18 how that they tolde you yt their shulde be begylers in the last tyme, which shulde walke after their awne vngodly lustes. 19 These are makers off sectes fleshlie, hauynge no sprete.

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