Matthew 23:7 Cross References - Coverdale

7 and loue to be saluted in the market, and to be called of me Rabbi.

Matthew 23:8

8 But ye shal not suffre youre selues to be called Rabbi, for one is youre master, euen Christ, and all ye are brethren.

Mark 9:5

5 And Peter answered, and sayde vnto Iesus: Rabbi, here is good beynge for vs. Let vs make thre tabernacles: one for the, one for Moses, and one for Elias.

Mark 10:51

51 And Iesus answered, & sayde vnto him: What wilt thou that I do vnto the? The blynde sayde vnto him: Master, that I might se.

John 1:38

38 And Iesus turned him aboute, and sawe them folowinge, and sayde vnto the: What seke ye? They sayde vnto him: Rabbi, (which is to saye by interpretacion, Master.) Where art thou at lodginge?

John 1:49

49 Nathanaell answered, and sayde vnto hi: Rabbi, thou art ye sonne of God, thou art ye kynge of Israel.

John 3:2

2 The same came vnto Iesus by night, & sayde vnto hi: Master, we knowe yt thou art come a teacher fro God: for no ma can do these tokes yt thou doest, excepte God be with him.

John 3:26

26 and they came vnto Ihon, and sayde vnto him: Master, he yt was with the beyonde Iordan, of whom thou barest wytnesse, beholde, he baptyseth, and euery man cometh vnto him.

John 6:25

25 And whan they founde him on the other syde of the see, they sayde vnto him: Master, whan camest thou hither?

John 20:16

16 Iesus sayde vnto her: Mary. Then turned she her aboute, & sayde vnto him: Rabboni, yt is to saye: Master.

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