Matthew 11:28 Cross References - Coverdale

28 Come vnto me all ye that laboure and are laden, and I wil ease you.

Genesis 3:17-19

17 And vnto Adam he sayde: For so moch as thou hast herkened vnto the voyce of thy wyfe, and hast eaten of the tre, wherof I commaunded the, sayenge: thou shalt not eate of it. Cursed be ye earth for thy sake. With sorowe shalt thou eate therof, all the dayes of thy life. 18 Thornes and thistles shalt it beare vnto the, and thou shalt eate the herbes of the felde. 19 In the sweate of thy face shalt thou eate thy bred, tyll thou be turned agayne vnto earth, whece thou art take: for earth thou art, and vnto earth shalt thou be turned agayne.

Job 5:7

7 but it is man, that is borne vnto mysery, like as the byrde for to fle.

Job 14:1

1 Man that is borne of a woman, hath but a shorte tyme to lyue, and is full of dyuerse miseries.

Psalms 32:4

4 And because thy hande was so heuy vpon me both daye and night, my moysture was like the drouth in Sommer. Sela.

Psalms 38:4

4 For my wickednesses are gone ouer my heade, and are like a sore burthen, to heuy forme to beare.

Psalms 90:7-10

7 For we consume awaye in thy displeasure, and are afrayed at thy wrothfull indignacion. 8 Thou settest oure mi?dedes before the, and oure secrete synnes in the light of thy countenaunce. 9 For when thou art angrie, all or dayes are gone, we brynge or yeares to an ende, as it were a tayle that is tolde. 10 The dayes of oure age are iij. score yeares & ten: & though men be so stronge that they come to iiij. score yeares, yet is their strength then but laboure and sorowe: so soone passeth it awaye, & we are gone.

Psalms 94:13

13 That thou mayest geue him pacience in tyme of aduersite, vntill the pytte be dygged vp for the vngodly.

Psalms 116:7

7 Turne agayne then vnto thy rest (o my soule) for the LORDE hath geuen the thy desyre.

Ecclesiastes 1:8

8 All thinges are so harde, yt no ma can expresse them. The eye is not satisfied wt sight, the eare is not fylled wt hearinge.

Ecclesiastes 1:14

14 Thus I haue considered all the thinges that come to passe vnder the Sone, & lo, they are all but vanite & vexacion of mynde.

Ecclesiastes 2:22-23

22 For what getteth a ma of all ye labor & trauayle of his mynde, yt he taketh vnder the Sonne, 23 but heuynesse, sorowe & disquyetnes all ye dayes of his life? In so moch that his herte can not rest in the night. Is not this also a vayne thinge?

Ecclesiastes 4:8

8 There is one man, no mo but himself alone, hauynge nether childe ner brother: yet is there no ende of his carefull trauayle, his eyes can not be satisfied with riches, (yet doth he not remembre himself, & saye:) For whom do I take soch trauayle? For whose pleasure do I thus consume awaye my lyfe? This is also a vayne and miserable thinge.

Isaiah 1:4

4 Alas for this synful people, which are experte in blasphemies, a frawerde generacion, vnnatural children. They haue forsaken the LORDE, they haue prouoked the holy one of Israel vnto anger, and are gone bacward.

Isaiah 11:10

10 Then shal the Gentiles enquere after the rote of Iesse (which shalbe set vp for a token vnto the Gentiles) for his dwellinge shalbe glorious.

Isaiah 28:12

12 This shal bringe rest, yf one refresh the weery, ye this shal bringe rest. But they had no will to heare.

Isaiah 45:22-25

22 And therfore turne you vnto me (all ye endes of the earth) so shal ye be saued, for I am God, & there is els none. 23 I sweare by myself: out of my mouth cometh ye worde of rightuousnesse, and that maye no man turne: but all knees shal bowe vnto me, and all tunges shal sweare by me, 24 sayenge: Verely in the LORDE is my rightuousnes and strength. To him shal me come: but all they that thinke scorne of him, shalbe confounded. 25 And the whole sede of Israel shalbe iustified, & praysed in ye LORDE

Isaiah 48:17-18

17 And thus saieth the LORDE thine avenger, the holyone of Israel: I am ye LORDE thy God, which teach the profitable thinges, and lede ye the waye, that thou shuldest go 18 Yf thou wilt now regarde my comaundement, thy welthynes shalbe as the water streame: & thy rightuousnes as the wawes flowinge in the see.

Isaiah 53:2-3

2 He shal growe before the LORDE like as a brauch, & as a rote in a drie grounde. He shal haue nether bewty ner fauoure. When we loke vpon him, there shalbe no fayrnesse: we shal haue no lust vnto him. 3 He shalbe the most symple & despised of all, which yet hath good experience of sorowes & infirmities. We shal reken him so symple & so vyle, that we shal hyde oure faces fro him.

Isaiah 55:1-3

1 Come to the waters all ye, yt be thurstie, & ye that haue no moneye. Come, bye, that ye maye haue to eate. Come, bye wyne & mylck, without eny money, or moneye worth, 2 Wherfore do ye laye out yor moneye, for the thinge yt fedeth not, and spende youre laboure aboute the thinge that satisfieth you not? But herke rather vnto me, ad ye shal eate of the best, & youre soule shal haue hir pleasure in pleteousnes. 3 Enclyne youre eares, & come vnto me, take hede & youre soule shal lyue. For I will make an euerlastinge couenaunt with you, eue the sure mercies of Dauid.

Isaiah 61:3

3 that I might geue vnto them yt mourne in Sion, bewty in the steade of asshes, ioyful oyntmet for sighinge, pleasaunt raymet for an heuy mide: That they might be called excellent in rightuousnesse, a platinge of the LORDE for him to reioyce in.

Isaiah 66:2

2 As for these thinges, my hode hath made them all, and they are all created, saieth the LORDE. Which of them shal I then regarde? Eue him that is of a lowly troubled sprete, and stodeth in awe of my wordes.

Jeremiah 6:16

16 Thus saieth the LORDE: go into the stretes, considre and make inquisicion for the olde waye: and yf it be the good and right waye, then go therin, that ye maye fynde rest for youre soules. (But they saye: we will not walke therin)

Micah 6:6-8

6 What acceptable thynge shal I offre vnto the LORDE? shall I bowe mykne to the hye God? Shal I come before him wt brentofferinges, and with calues of a yeare olde? 7 Hath the LORDE a pleasure in many thousand rammes, or innumerable streames of oyle? Or shal I geue my firstborne for myne offences, and the frute of my body for the synne of my soule? 8 I wil shewe the (O ma) what is good, and what the LORDE requyreth off the: Namely, to do right, to haue pleasure in louynge kyndnesse, to be lowly, and to walke with thy God:

Matthew 11:29

29 Take my yock vpon you, and lerne of me, for I am meke and lowlye of hert, & ye shal fynde rest vnto youre soules:

Matthew 23:4

4 for they saye & do not. For they bynde heuy and intollerable burthens, and laye them vpon mens shulders: But they them selues wil not heaue at them with one of their fyngers.

John 6:37

37 All that my father geueth me, cometh vnto me: and who so cometh vnto me, him wyl not I cast out:

John 7:37

37 But in the last daye which was ye most solempne daye of the feast, Iesus stode vp, cried, and sayde: Who so thyrsteth, let him come vnto me, and drynke.

Acts 15:10

10 Now therfore why tempte ye God, with layenge vpon ye disciples neckes the yocke, which nether or fathers ner we were able to beare?

Romans 7:22-25

22 For I delite in the lawe of God after the inwarde man: 23 but I se another lawe in my membres, which stryueth agaynst ye lawe of my mynde, and taketh me presoner in ye lawe of synne, which is in my membres. 24 O wretched man that I am, who shal delyuer me from the body of this death? 25 I thanke God thorow Iesus Christ oure LORDE. So then wt the mynde I serue ye lawe of God, but with the flesh the lawe of synne.

Galatians 5:1

1 Stonde fast therfore in the libertye wherwith Christ hath made vs fre, and be not wrapped agayne in the yocke off bondage.

2 Thessalonians 1:7

7 but vnto you which are troubled, rest with vs, wha the LORDE Iesus shal shewe himselfe from heauen, with the angels of his power,

Hebrews 4:1

1 Let vs feare therfore, lest eny of vs forsakynge the promes of entrynge in to his rest, shulde seme to come behinde:

Revelation 22:17

17 And the sprete and the bryde saye: Come. And let him that heareth, saye also: Come. And let him that is a thyrst, come. And let whosoeuer wyll, take of the water of life fre.

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