Mark 15:47 Cross References - Coverdale

47 But Mary Magdalene and Mary Ioses behelde, where he was layed.

Matthew 27:61

61 And there was Mary Magdalene and ye other Mary, syttinge ouer agaynst the sepulcre.

Matthew 28:1

1 Upon the euenynge of the Sabbath holy daye, which dawneth ye morow of the first daye of ye Sabbathes, came Mary Magdalene and ye other Mary, to se ye sepulcre.

Mark 15:40

40 And there were wemen there also, which behelde this afarre of, amoge who was Mary Magdalene, & Mary of Iames ye litle, & the mother of Ioses, & Salome,

Mark 16:1

1 And whan the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, & Mary Iames, and Salome, bought spyces, yt they might come, & anoynte hi.

Luke 23:55-24:2

55 The wemen that were come with him out of Galile, folowed him, and behelde the Sepulcre, & how his body was layed.

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