Luke 7:39 Cross References - Coverdale

39 But whan the Pharise which had called him sawe that, he spake within himself, and sayde: Yf this ma were a prophet, he wolde knowe who, & what maner of woman this is that toucheth him, for she is a synner.

2 Kings 5:20

20 Gehasi the seruaunt of Eliseus ye man of God thoughte: beholde, my lorde hath spared Naama this Syrian, so that he hath not taken from him yt which he broughte: As truly as ye LORDE lyueth, I wil rune after him, & take somthinge of him.

Proverbs 23:7

7 for he hath a maruelous herte. He sayeth vnto ye: eate and drynke, where as his herte is not wt ye.

Isaiah 65:5

5 Yf thou comest nye them, they saie: touch me not, for I am holyer then thou. All these men when I am angrie, shalbe turned to smoke and fyre, that shal burne for euer.

Matthew 9:12-13

12 When Iesus herde that, he sayde vnto them: The whole nede not ye phisicio, but they that are sicke. 13 Go and learne, what that meaneth: I haue pleasure in mercy, and not in offerynge. For I am not come to call the righteous, but ye synners to repentaunce,

Matthew 20:16

16 So the last shalbe the first, & the first the last. For many are called, but few are chosen.

Matthew 21:28-31

28 But what thinke ye? A certayne man had two sonnes, and came to the first, and sayde: Go thy waye my sonne, & worke to daye in my vynyarde. 29 He answered and sayde: I wil not, but afterwarde he repented, and wente. 30 He came also vnto the secode, and sayde likewyse. And he answered and saide: I wil syr. And wete not. 31 Whether of them twayne dyd the wil of the father? They sayde vnto him: the first. Iesus sayde vnto the: Verely I saye vnto you: The publicans and harlottes shal come in to the kyngdome of God before you.

Mark 2:6-7

6 Neuertheles there were certayne scrybes which sat there, & thought in their hertes: 7 How speaketh this man soch blasphemy? Who can forgeue synnes, but onely God?

Mark 7:21

21 that defyleth the man. For from within out of the hert of man proceade euell thoughtes, aduoutrye, whordome, murthur,

Luke 3:8

8 Take hede, brynge forth due frutes of repetauce, & begynne not to saye: We haue Abraha to or father. For I saye vnto you: God is able of these stones to rayse vp children vnto Abraham.

Luke 7:16

16 And there came a feare on them all, and they praysed God, and sayde: A greate prophet is rysen amonge vs, and God hath vysited his people.

Luke 7:37

37 And beholde, there was in the cite a woma, which was a synner. Whe she knewe that Iesus sat at the table in the Pharises house, she brought a boxe with oyntment,

Luke 12:17

17 and he thought in himself, and sayde: What shal I do? I haue nothinge wher in to gather my frutes.

Luke 15:2

2 And ye Pharises and scrybes murmured, and sayde: This man receaueth synners, and eateth with them.

Luke 15:28-30

28 Then was he angrie, and wolde not go in. Then wente his father out, and prayed him. 29 But he answered, and sayde vnto his father: Lo, thus many yeares haue I done the seruyce, nether haue I yet broken thy commaundement, and thou gauest me neuer one kydd, yt I might make mery with my frendes. 30 But now that this thy sonne is come, which deuoured his goodes with harlottes, thou hast slayne a fed calfe.

Luke 16:3

3 The stewarde sayde within himself: What shal I do? My lorde wil take awaye the stewardshipe fro me. I ca not dygge, and to begg I am ashamed.

Luke 18:4

4 And he wolde not a greate whyle. But afterwarde he thought within hi self: Though I feare not God, & stonde in awe of no man,

Luke 18:9-11

9 And vnto certayne which trusted in the selues, that they were perfecte, and despysed other,he spake this symilitude: 10 There wente vp two men in to the teple, to praye: the one a Pharise, the other a publican. 11 The Pharise stode, and prayed by himself after this maner: I thanke the God, that I am not as other men, robbers, vnrighteous, aduouters, or as this publican.

John 4:19

19 The woma sayde vnto him: Syr, I se, that thou art a prophet.

John 7:12

12 And there was a greate murmur of him amonge the people. Some sayde: He is good. But other sayde: No, he doth but disceaue the people.

John 7:40-41

40 Many of the people now whan they herde this sayenge, sayde: This is a very prophet. 41 Other sayde: He is Christ. But some sayde: Shal Christ come out of Galile?

John 7:47-52

47 Then answered them the pharises: Are ye also disceaued? 48 Doth eny of the rulers or pharises beleue on him? 49 But the comon people which knowe not the lawe, are cursed. 50 Nicodemus sayde vnto them, he that came to him by night, which was one of them: 51 Doth oure lawe iudge eny man, before it heare him, and knowe what he hath done? 52 They answered and sayde vnto him? Art thou a Galilean also? Searche and loke, out of Galile aryseth no prophet.

John 9:24

24 Then called they the ma agayne yt was blynde, and sayde vnto him: Geue God ye prayse, we knowe that this man is a synner.

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