Luke 4:19 Cross References - Coverdale

19 and to preach the acceptable yeare of the LORDE.

Leviticus 25:8-13

8 And thou shalt nombre seuen of these yeare Sabbathes, that seuen yeares maye be tolde seuen tymes, and so the tyme of the seuen yeare Sabbathes make nyne and fourtye yeares. 9 Then shalt thou let the blast of the horne go thorow all youre londe, vpon the tenth daye of the seuenth moneth, euen in ye daye of attonement. 10 And ye shal halowe the fiftieth yeare, and shall call it a fre yeare in ye londe, for all them that dwell therin: for it is the yeare of Iubilye. Then shall euery one amonge you come agayne to his possession and to his kynred: 11 for the fiftieth yeare is ye yeare of Iubilye. Ye shal not sowe ner reape it that groweth of it self, ner gather the grapes, that growe without laboure. 12 For the yeare of Iubilye shall be holy amonge you. But loke what the felde beareth, that shall ye eate. 13 This is the yeare of Iubilye, wherin ye shal come againe euery man to his owne.

Leviticus 25:50-54

50 and shal reken with him that bought him, from ye yeare that he solde him self, vntyll the yeare of Iubilye. And ye money shal be counted acordinge to the nombre of the yeares that he was solde, and his wages of the whole tyme shalbe rekened withall. 51 Yf there be yet many yeares vnto ye yeare of Iubilye, then shal he (acordinge to the same) geue the more for his delyueraunce, therafter as he is solde. 52 Yf there remayne but few yeares vnto the yeare of Iubilye, then shall he geue agayne therafter for his redempcion. 53 And his wages from yeare to yeare shall he reken withall, and thou shalt not let the other raigne cruelly ouer him in yi sight. 54 But yf he bye not him self out after this maner, then shal he go out fre in the yeare of Iubilye, and his childre with him:

Numbers 36:4

4 So whan the yeare of Iubilye commeth vnto the childre of Israel, then shal their enheritaunce come to ye enheritaunce of the trybe, where they are. Thus shal oure fathers enheritaunce be mynished, as moch as they haue.

Isaiah 61:2

2 yt I might declare ye acceptable yeare of ye LORDE, & the daye of ye avegeaunce of oure God: that I might comforte all them that are in heuynesse,

Isaiah 63:4

4 For the daye of vengeauce that I haue take in honde, & the yeare of my delyueraunce is come.

Luke 19:42

42 and sayde: Yf thou knewest what were for yi peace, thou shuldest remebre it euen in this present daye of thine. But now is it hyd from thine eyes.

2 Corinthians 6:1

1 We as helpers therfore exhorte you, that ye receaue not ye grace of God in vayne.

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