Luke 3:16 Cross References - Coverdale

16 Ihon answered, and sayde vnto the all: I baptyse you with water, but after me there cometh one stronger the I, whose shue lachet I am not worthy to lowse: he shal baptyse you with the holy goost and with fyre.

Proverbs 1:23

23 O turne you vnto my correccion: lo, I wil expresse my mynde vnto you, and make you vnderstode my wordes.

Isaiah 4:4

4 what tyme as the LORDE shall wash awaye the desolacion of the doughters of Sio, ad pourge the bloude out from Ierusale, wt ye wynde of his smoke and fyre.

Isaiah 32:15

15 Vnto the tyme that ye sprete be poured vpon vs from aboue. Then shal the wildernesse be a fruteful felde & the plenteous felde shalbe rekened for a wodde.

Isaiah 44:3-4

3 For I shal poure water vpon the drie grounde, and ryuers vpon the thurstie. I shal poure my sprete vpon thi sede, and myne encrease vpo thy stocke. 4 They shal growe together, like as the grasse, and as the Willies by the waters side.

Ezekiel 36:25

25 Then will I poure cleare water vpon you, & ye shalbe clene: Yee from all youre vnclennesse and from all yor Idols shal I clense you.

Joel 2:28-29

28 After this, will I poure out my sprete vpon all flesh: & yor sonnes & yor doughters shal prophecy: yor olde me shal dreame dreames & youre yonge men shal se visions: 29 Yee in those dayes I will poure out my sprete vpon seruauntes and maydens.

Zechariah 13:9

9 And the same thirde parte wil I brynge thorow the fyre, and will clense them, as the syluer is clensed: Yee and trye them, like as golde is tryed. Then shall they call vpon my name, and I wil heare them: I wil saye: it is my people. And they shal saye: LORDE, my God.

Malachi 3:2-3

2 But who maye abyde the daye of his commynge? Who shalbe able to endure, when he appeareth? For he is like a goldsmythes fyre, ad like wasshers sope. 3 He shall syt him downe to trye and to clense ye syluer, he shal pourge the children of Leui, and purifie them like as golde and syluer: that they maye brynge meatofferinges vnto the LORDE in rightuousnes.

Matthew 3:11

11 I baptise you with water to repentaunce: but he that cometh after me, is myghtier the I, whose shues I am not worthy to beare. He shall baptise you with ye holy goost & wt fyre:

Mark 1:7-8

7 and preached, and sayde: There commeth one after me, which is stronger then I: before whom I am not worthy to stoupe downe, and to lowse vp ye lachet of his shue. 8 I baptyse you with water, but he shal baptyse you with the holy goost.

John 1:26

26 Ihon answered them, and sayde: I baptyse with water, but there is one come in amonge you, whom ye knowe not.

John 1:33

33 & I knewe him not. But he that sent me to baptyse with water, ye same sayde vnto me: Vpon whom thou shalt se the sprete descende and tary styll on him, the same is he, that baptyseth with the holy goost.

John 7:38

38 He that beleueth on me, as the scripture sayeth, out of his body shal flowe ryuers of the water of life.

Acts 1:5

5 For Ihon baptysed with water, but ye shalbe baptysed wt ye holy goost, & that within this few dayes.

Acts 2:3-4

3 And there appeared vnto them clouen tunges, like as they had bene of fyre. And he sat vpon ech one of them, 4 and they were all fylled with the holy goost. And they beganne to preach with other tunges, euen as the sprete gaue them vtteraunce.

Acts 2:17-18

17 And it shal come to passe in the last dayes, sayeth God, I will poure out of my sprete vpon all flesh, and youre sonnes and youre doughters shal prophecye, and youre yonge men shal se visions and youre olde men shall dreame dreames, 18 and on my seruauntes and on my handmaydens wyll I poure out of my sprete in those dayes, & they shal prophecye.

Acts 2:33

33 Seynge now that he by the right hande of God is exalted, and hath receaued of ye father ye promyse of the holy goost, he hath shed forth this, that ye se and heare.

Acts 10:44

44 Whyle Peter was yet speakynge these wordes, the holy goost fell vpo all the that herkened vnto the worde.

Acts 11:15-16

15 But whan I beganne to speake, the holy goost fell vpo them, like as vpon vs at ye begynnynge. 16 Then thoughte I vpon the worde of the LORDE, how he sayde: Ihon baptysed with water, but ye shalbe baptysed with ye holy goost.

Acts 13:24-25

24 whan Ihon had first preached before his comynge the baptyme of repentaunce vnto Israel. 25 But whan Ihon had fulfylled his course, he sayde: I am not he, that ye take me for. But beholde, there commeth one after me, whose shues of his fete I am not worthy to lowse.

Acts 19:4-5

4 Paul sayde: Ihon baptysed with the baptyme of repentaunce, and spake vnto ye people, that they shulde beleue on him, which shulde come after him, that is, on Iesus, that the same is Christ. 5 Whan they herde that, they were baptysed in the name of the LORDE Iesu.

1 Corinthians 12:13

13 For we are all baptysed in one sprete to be one body, whether we be Iewes or Gentyles, whether we be bonde or fre, and haue all dronke of one sprete.

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