Luke 21:15 Cross References - Coverdale

15 for I wil geue you mouth & wyssdome, agaynst the which all youre aduersaries shal not be able to speake ner to resist.

Exodus 4:11-12

11 The LORDE sayde vnto him: Who hath made the mouth of man? Or who hath made the domme, or the deaf, or the seynge or ye blynde? Haue not I the LORDE done it? 12 Go now thy waye therfore, I wil be wt thy mouth, & teach the what thou shalt saye.

Proverbs 2:6

6 For it is the LORDE that geueth wy?dome, out of his mouth commeth knowlege and vnderstondinge.

Jeremiah 1:9

9 And with that, the LORDE stretched out his honde, and touched my mouth, and sayde morouer vnto me: Beholde I put my wordes in thy mouth,

Luke 12:12

12 for the holy goost shal teach you in the same houre, what ye ought to saye.

Luke 24:45

45 The opened he their vnderstondinge, that they might vnderstonde the scriptures,

Acts 2:4

4 and they were all fylled with the holy goost. And they beganne to preach with other tunges, euen as the sprete gaue them vtteraunce.

Acts 4:8-13

8 Peter full of the holy goost, sayde vnto them: Ye rulers of the people, and ye Elders of Israel, 9 Yf we this daye be examyned concernynge this good dede vpon the sicke ma, by what meanes he is made whole, 10 be it knowne then vnto you and to all the people of Israel, that in ye name of Iesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, who God hath raysed vp from the deed, stodeth this man here before you whole. 11 This is the stone refused of you buylders, which is become the heade corner stone, 12 nether is there saluacion in eny other: Ner yet also is there geue vnto me eny other name, wherin we must be saued. 13 They sawe the boldnesse of Peter & Ihon and marueyled, for they were sure yt they were vnlerned men and laye people. And they knewe the also, that they were wt Iesu.

Acts 4:31-33

31 And wha they had prayed, the place moued where they were gathered together, & they were all fylled with ye holy goost, & spake the worde of God boldly. 32 The multitude of them that beleued, were of one hert and of one soule. Also none of them sayde of his goodes, that they were his awne, but had all thinges comen. 33 And with greate power gaue the Apostles witnesse of the resurreccion of the LORDE Iesu, and greate grace was with them all.

Acts 6:10

10 and they coulde not resiste the wyssdome and the sprete, out of the which he spake.

Acts 24:25

25 Howbeit whan Paul spake off righteousnesse, and off chastite and off the iudgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered: Go thy waye for this tyme. Whan I haue a conuenyent tyme, I wil sende for the.

Acts 26:28

28 Agrippa sayde vnto Paul: Thou persuadest me in a parte to become a Christen.

Ephesians 6:19

19 and for me, that the worde maye be geuen me, that I maye open my mouth boldly, to vtter the secretes of the Gospell,

Colossians 4:3-4

3 and praye also together for vs, that God open vnto vs the dore of the worde, to speake the mystery of Christ (wherfore I am also in bodes) 4 that I maye vtter ye same, as it becommeth me to speake.

2 Timothy 4:16-17

16 In my first answerynge no man assisted me, but all forsoke me. I praye God that it be not layed to their charges. 17 Notwitstondynge the LORDE stode by me, & stregthed me, that by me the preachinge shulde be fulfylled to the vttemost, and that all the Heythe shulde heare. And I was delyuered out of the mouth of the lyon.

James 1:5

5 Yf eny of you lacke wyssdome, let him axe of God, which geueth to all men indifferentlie, and casteth no man in the teth: and it shal be geue him.

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