Leviticus 25:34 Cross References - Coverdale

34 But the felde before their cities shal not be solde, for it is their awne for euer.

Leviticus 25:23

23 Therfore shall ye not sell the londe for euer, for the lode is myne. And ye are straungers and indwellers before me.

Numbers 35:2-5

2 Commaunde the childre of Israel, that they geue vnto ye Leuites of the inheritauce of their possession, cities to dwell in. The suburbes also aboute the cities shal ye geue vnto the Leuites, 3 that they maye dwell in the cities, and in the suburbes to haue their catell, and substaunce, and all their beestes. 4 The suburbes which ye geue vnto ye Leuites, shal reache fro the wall of ye cite outwarde, a M. cubites rounde aboute. 5 Thus ye shal measure without the cite on ye East syde, two thousande cubites: & on ye South syde, two thousande cubites: & on ye West syde, two thousande cubites: & on ye North syde, two thousande cubites, so yt the cite be in the myddes. This shal be their suburbes.

Acts 4:36-37

36 Ioses which was also called of ye Apostles, Barnabas (that is to saye, the sonne of consolacion) a Leuite, of the countre of Cypers, 37 had londe, and solde it, & brought the money, and layed it at the Apostles fete.

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