Leviticus 13:18 Cross References - Coverdale

18 Whan there is a byle in the skynne of eny mans flesh, and healeth agayne,

Exodus 9:9

9 that it maye be dust in all the lande of Egipte, & that there maye be sores & blaynes vpon men & vpon catell in all the lande of Egipte.

Exodus 15:26

26 and sayde: Yf thou wylt herken vnto the voyce of ye LORDE yi God, & do that which is right in his sighte, and geue eare vnto his commaundementes, & kepe all his statutes, then wyl I laye vpon ye none of the sicknesses, that I layed vpon Egipte, for I am the LORDE thy surgione.

2 Kings 20:7

7 And Esay sayde: Bringe hither a quantite of fygges. And whan they broughte them, they layed them vpon the sore, and it was healed.

Job 2:7

7 So wente Sathan forth from the LORDE, and smote Iob with maruelous sore byles, from the sole off the fote vnto his crowne:

Psalms 38:3-7

3 There is no whole parte in my body, because of thy displeasure: there is no rest in my bones, by reason of my synnes. 4 For my wickednesses are gone ouer my heade, and are like a sore burthen, to heuy forme to beare. 5 My woundes styncke & are corrupte, thorow my folishnesse. 6 I am brought into so greate trouble and misery, that I go mournynge all the daye longe. 7 For my loynes are clene dried vp, and there is no whole parte in my body.

Isaiah 38:21

21 And Esay sayde: take a playster offyges, and laye it vpon the sore, so shal it be whole.

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