Lamentations 4:20 Cross References - Coverdale

20 The very breth of oure mouth; euen the anoynted LORDE himself shalbe take in oure synnes, of whom we saye: Vnder his shadowe we shal be preserued amonge the Heithen.

Genesis 2:7

7 And ye LORDE God shope man eue of the moulde of the earth, & brethed in to his face ye breth of life. And so was man made a lyuynge soule.

Genesis 44:30

30 Yf I now come home vnto my father, & the lad be not with me (seynge his soule hangeth by the soule of this)

1 Samuel 12:3

3 Beholde, here am I: answere ye agaynst me before the RORDE and his anoynted, yf I haue taken eny mans oxe or asse, yf I haue done eny man violence or wronge, If I haue oppressed eny ma, yf I haue receaued a gifte of eny mans hande, and kepte it secretly, I wil restore it you agayne.

1 Samuel 12:5

5 He sayde: The LORDE be witnesse agaynst you, and so be his anoynted this daye, that ye haue founde nothinge in my hade. They saide: Yee they shalbe witnesses.

1 Samuel 16:6

6 Now wha they came in, he behelde Eliab, & thoughte, whether he shulde be his anoynted before the LORDE.

1 Samuel 24:6

6 and sayde vnto his men: The LORDE let that be farre frome, that I shulde do it, & laye my hande vpo my lorde the LORDES anoyntd: for he is ye anoynted of the LORDE.

1 Samuel 24:10

10 Beholde, thine eyes se this daye that the LORDE gaue the into my hande in the caue, and I was counceled to slaye the: Neuertheles thou wast fauoured, for I sayde: I wil not laye my hande vpon my lorde, for he is the LORDES anoynted.

1 Samuel 26:9

9 Neuertheles Dauid sayde vnto Abisai: Destroye him not, for who wil laye hande vpon the anoynted of ye LORDE, & remayne vngiltye?

1 Samuel 26:16

16 It is not well that thou hast done. As truly as the LORDE lyueth ye are the children of death, because ye haue not kepte youre lorde the LORDES anoynted. Beholde now, where is ye kynges speare, and the cuppe of water that was at his heade.

2 Samuel 1:14

14 Dauid sayde: How happeneth it that thou wast not afrayed to laye thine hade vpon the LORDES anointed to destroye him?

2 Samuel 1:21

21 Ye mountaynes of Gelboa, nether dew ner rayne come vpo you, nether lode be wherof commeth Heueofferynges: for there is ye shylde of the Worthies smytten downe, the shylde of Saul, as though he had not bene anoynted with oyle.

2 Samuel 18:3

3 Neuertheles the people sayde: Thou shalt not go forth, for though we fle, or die halfe of vs they shal not regarde vs. For thou art as ten thousande of vs. Therfore is this better that thou mayest helpe vs out of the cite.

2 Samuel 19:21

21 Neuertheles Abisai the sonne of Zeru Ia answered and sayde: And shulde not Semei dye therfore, seynge he hath cursed ye anoynted of ye LORDE?

Psalms 89:20-21

20 Thou spakest somtyme in visios vnto thy sayntes, and saydest: I haue layed helpe vpon one that is mightie, I haue exalted one chosen out of the people. 21 I haue founde Dauid my seruaut, with my holy oyle haue I anoynted him.

Jeremiah 39:5

5 But the Caldees hooste folowed fast after them, and toke Sedechias in the felde of Iericho, and brought him presoner to Nabuchodonosor the kynge off Babilo vnto Reblatha, that lieth in the londe off Hemath where he gaue iugdment vpon him.

Jeremiah 52:8

8 And so the Caldees folowed vpon them, and toke Sedechias the kinge in the felde of Iericho, when his hoost was runne from him.

Lamentations 2:9

9 Hir portes are casten downe to the grounde, hir barres are broken & smytten in sonder: hir kynge & prynces are caried awaye to the Getiles. They haue nether lawe ner prophetes, ner yet eny vision from the LORDE.

Ezekiel 12:13

13 My lyne will I sprede out vpon him, and catch him in my net, and carie him to Babilon, in the lode of the Caldees: which he shal not se, & yet shal he dye there.

Ezekiel 17:18

18 For seinge he hath despysed the ooth, and broken the couenaunt (where as he yet gaue his honde thervpon) and done all these thinges, he shall not escape.

Ezekiel 19:4-8

4 The Heithen herde of him, & toke him in their nettes, & brought him in chaynes vnto the londe of Egipte. 5 Now when the damme sawe, that all hir hope & comforth was awaye, she toke another of hir whelpes, and made a lyon of him: 6 which wente amonge the lyons, & became a fearce lyon: lerned to spoyle and to deuoure folcke: 7 he destroyed their palaces, and made their cities waist: In so moch that the whole londe and euery thinge therin, were vtterly desolate, thorow the very voyce of his roaringe. 8 Then came the Heithen together on euery syde out of all countrees agaynst him, layed their nettes for him, and toke him in their pytte.

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