Lamentations 3:7 Cross References - Coverdale

7 He hath so hedged me in, that I can not get out, & hath layed heuy lynckes vpon me.

Job 3:23

23 To the man whose waye is hyd, which God kepeth backe from him.

Job 19:8

8 He hath hedged vp my path, I ca not get awaye, he hath set darcknesse in my gate.

Psalms 88:8

8 I am so fast in preson, that I can not get forth.

Jeremiah 38:6

6 Then toke they Ieremy, and cast him in to the dongeon off Malchias the sonne off Amalech, that dwelt in the fore entre off the preson. And they let downe Ieremy wt coardes in to a dongeon, where there was no water, but myre.

Jeremiah 40:4

4 Beholde, I lowse the bondes from thy hodes this daye: yf thou wilt now go with me vnto Babilon, vp the: For I will se to the, and prouyde for the: But yf thou wilt not go with me to Babilon, then remayne here. Beholde, all the londe is at thy will: loke where thou thinkest conveniet & good for the to Abyde, there dwell.

Lamentations 1:14

14 The yocke of my transgression is come at the last, with his honde hath he taken it vp, and put it aboute my neck. My strength is gone: the LORDE hath delyuered me in to those hondes, wherout I can not quyte myself.

Lamentations 3:9

9 He hath stopped vp my wayes with foure squared stones, & made my pathes croked.

Lamentations 5:5

5 Oure neckes are vnder persecucion, we are weery, and haue no rest.

Daniel 9:12

12 And he hath perfourmed his wordes, which he spake agaynst vs, & agaynst oure iudges that iudged vs: to bringe vpon vs soch a greate plage, as neuer was vnder heauen, like as it is now come to passe in Ierusalem.

Hosea 2:6

6 But I will hedge hir waye with thornes, and stoppe it, that she shal not fynde hir fotestoppes:

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