Judges 9:40 Cross References - Coverdale

40 But Abimelech chaced him, so that he fled, and there fell many slayne euen vnto the gate of the cite.

1 Kings 20:18-21

18 He sayde: Take them alyue, whether they be come forth for peace, or for warre. 19 But whan the londe rulers yonge men were gone forth, and the hoost behynde them, euery one smote him yt came in his waye. 20 And the Sirians fled, and Israel folowed after them. And Benadab the kynge of Syria escaped with horses and horsme. 21 And the kynge of Israel wente forth, and smote horses and charettes, and dyd a greate slaughter on the Syrians.

1 Kings 20:30

30 and the remnaunt fled to Aphek in to the cite, and the wall fell vpon the other seuen and twenty thousande men. And Benadab fled also vnto the cite in to a litle chamber.

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