Judges 3:1 Cross References - Coverdale

1 These are the nacions, whom the LORDE suffred to remayne, yt by them he mighte proue Israel, which had no vnderstondinge in the warres of Canaan:

Deuteronomy 7:22

22 He (euen the LORDE thy God) shall rote out the nacions before the by litle and litle. Thou canst not consume them at one time, yt the beestes of the felde increase not vpon the.

Deuteronomy 8:2

2 and thynke vpon all ye waie thorow the which the LORDE thy God hath led the this fortye yeares in the wyldernesse, that he mighte chasten the, and proue the, to wete whath were in thyne herte, whether thou woldest kepe his comaundemetes or no.

Deuteronomy 8:16

16 and fed the in the wyldernesse with Manna wherof yi fathers knewe not, that he might chasten the, and proue the) to do the good afterwarde)

Judges 2:10

10 And whan all the same generacion was gathered vnto their fathers, there came vp after them another generacion, which knew not the LORDE, ner the workes that he had done for Israel.

Judges 2:21-22

21 I wil from hence forth dryue out none of the Heythen, who Iosua lefte behynde him, wha he dyed, 22 that by them I maye proue Israel, whether they wil kepe the waye of the LORDE, to walke therin, as their fathers dyd, or not.

2 Chronicles 32:31

31 But whan the interpreters the chefe of Babilon were sent vnto him, to axe question at him (concernynge the wondertoke that had happened in the londe) God lefte him to be tempted, that it mighte be knowne what soeuer was in his hert.

Job 23:10

10 But as for my waye, he knoweth it: & trieth me as ye golde in ye fyre.

Proverbs 17:3

3 Like as syluer is tried in the fyre and golde in the fornace, euen so doth the LORDE proue the hertes.

Jeremiah 6:27

27 The haue I set for a prouer of my harde people, to seke out and to trye their wayes.

Jeremiah 17:9-10

9 Amonge all thinges lyuynge, man hath the most disceatfull and vnsercheable hert. Who shall then knowe it? 10 Euen I the LORDE ripe out the grounde off the hert, ad search the reynes and rewarde euery ma acordinge to his wayes, and acordinge to the frute off his councels.

Zechariah 13:9

9 And the same thirde parte wil I brynge thorow the fyre, and will clense them, as the syluer is clensed: Yee and trye them, like as golde is tryed. Then shall they call vpon my name, and I wil heare them: I wil saye: it is my people. And they shal saye: LORDE, my God.

John 2:24

24 But Iesus comytted not himself vnto the, for he knewe the all,

1 Peter 1:7

7 that youre faith once tryed (beynge moch more precious then the corruptible golde that is tryed thorow the fyre) might be founde vnto laude, glory and honoure at the appearynge of Iesus Christ:

1 Peter 4:12

12 Derely beloued, maruell not at this heate (which is come amoge you to trye you) as though some strauge thinge happened vnto you:

Revelation 2:23

23 And I wil kyll her childre with deeth. And all the cogregacios shal knowe, yt I am he which searcheth the reynes and hertes. And I wil geue vnto euery one of you acordynge vnto youre workes.

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