Judges 19:10 Cross References - Coverdale

10 Neuerttheles the man wolde not tary, but gat him vp, and wete his waye, and came ouer agaynst Iebus (that is Ierusalem) and his couple of asses lade, and his concubyne with him.

Joshua 15:8

8 Then goeth it vp to the valley of the sonne of Hinnam, a longe besyde the Iebusite that dwelleth from ye southwarde, that is Ierusalem: and commeth vp vnto the toppe of the mount which lyeth before the valley of Hinnam from the westwarde, that borderth on the edge of the valley of Raphaim towarde the north.

Joshua 15:63

63 But the Iebusites dwelt at Ierusalem, and the children of Iuda coude not dryue them awaye. So the Iebusites remayne with the children of Iuda at Ierusalem vnto this daye.

Joshua 18:28

28 Zela, Eleph, and the Iebusites, that is Ierusalem, Gibeath, Kiriath: these are fourtene cities and their vyllages. This is the enheritaunce of the children of Ben Iamin in their kynreds.

Judges 1:8

8 But ye childre of Iuda foughte agaynst Ierusalem, and wane it, and smote it with the edge of the swerde, and set fyre vpon the cite.

2 Samuel 5:6

6 And the kynge wente with his men to Ierusalem, agaynst the Iebusites, which dwelt in the londe. Neuertheles they sayde vnto Dauid: Thou shalt not come hither but the blynde and lame shal dryue ye awaie. (They thoughte planely, that Dauid shulde not come in.)

1 Chronicles 11:4-5

4 And Dauid and all Israel wete vnto Ierusalem, that is Iebus: for the Iebusites dwelt in the lode. 5 And the citesyns of Iebus saide vnto Dauid: Thou shalt not come in hither. Howbeit Dauid wane ye castell of Sio. which is ye cite of Dauid.

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