Judges 11:40 Cross References - Coverdale

40 that the doughters of Israel shulde go euery yeare, and mourne for the doughter of Iephthae the Gileadite, foure dayes in the yeare.

Judges 5:11

11 Wha ye archers cried betwene ye drawers of water, then was it spoke of ye righteousnes of the LORDE, of the righteousnes of his husbande men in Israel: then ruled the people of the LORDE vnder the gates.

1 Kings 9:25

25 And thre tymes in the yeare dyd Salomon offre burntofferynges and deedofferynges vpon the altare that he had buylded vnto the LORDE, and burnt incense vpon it before the LORDE, and so was the house ended and fynished.

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