Joshua 9:23 Cross References - Coverdale

23 Therfore shall ye be cursed, so that of you there shall not ceasse seruauntes to hew wodd and to beare water for the house of my God.

Genesis 9:25-26

25 he sayde: Cursed be Canaan, and a seruaunt of seruauntes be he vnto his brethren. 26 He sayde morouer: Praysed be the LORDE God of Sem, and Canaan be his seruaunt.

Leviticus 27:28-29

28 There shall no dedicated thinge be solde ner bought out, yt eny man dedicateth vnto ye LORDE, of all yt is his good, whether it be me, catell or lode. For euery dedicated thige, is most holy vnto ye LORDE. 29 There shal no dedicated thige of ma be bought out, but shal dye the death.

Joshua 9:21

21 And the rulers sayde vnto them: Let them lyue, that they maye be hewers of wodd and bearers of water for the whole congregacion, as the rulers haue sayde vnto them.

Joshua 9:27

27 So vpo the same daye Iosua made them hewers of wodd and water bearers for the congregacion, and for the altare of the LORDE vnto this daye, in the place that he shall chose.

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