Joshua 24:11 Cross References - Coverdale

11 And whan ye wente ouer Iordane, and came vnto Iericho, the citesyns of Iericho foughte agaynst you, the Amorites, Pheresites, Cananites, Hethites, Girgosites, Heuites, & Iebusites: howbeit I delyuered the into youre hande.

Exodus 23:23

23 Now wha myne angell goeth before the, & bryngeth the vnto ye Amorites, Hethites, Pheresites, Cananites, Heuites & Iebusites, & I shall haue destroyed them:

Deuteronomy 7:1

1 Whan ye LORDE yi God bringeth the in to ye londe where in to thou shalt come to possesse it, & roteth out ma nacions before the: the Hethites, Girgosites Amorites, Cananites, Pheresites, Heuites, and Iebusites, seue nacions which are greater and mightier then thou:

Joshua 3:14-17

14 Now whan the people departed out of their tentes, to go ouer Iordane, & the prestes bare the Arke of the couenaunt before the people, 15 and came into Iordane, & dypte their fete before in the water (as for Iordane on all his banckes it was full of all maner waters of the londe) 16 then the water that came downe fro aboue, stode straight vp vpon one heape, very farre from the cite of Adom, that lyeth on the syde of Zarthan: But the water that ranne downe to the see (euen to the salt see) fell awaye, and decreased. So ye people wente thorow ouer agaynst Iericho. 17 And the prestes that bare the Arke of the LORDES couenaunt, stode drye in ye myddes of Iordane, readye prepared: & all Israel wete thorow drye shod, vntyll ye whole people were all come ouer Iordane.

Joshua 4:10-12

10 As for ye prestes that bare ye Arke, they stode in the myddes of Iordane, vntyll all was perfourmed that the LORDE charged Iosua to saye vnto ye people acordinge as Moses gaue Iosua in commaundemet. The people also made haist, and wente ouer. 11 Now whan all the people was gone ouer, the Arke of the LORDE wente ouer also, and the prestes wente before the people. 12 And the Rubenites, & Gaddites, and ye halfe trybe of Manasse wente harnessed before the childre of Israel, like as Moses had sayde vnto the:

Joshua 4:23

23 what tyme as ye LORDE yor God dryed vp ye water of Iordane before you, vntyll ye were ouer: like as the LORDE yor God dyd in the reed see, which he dryed vp before vs, yt we mighte go thorow:

Joshua 6:1-27

1 As for Iericho, it was shut & kepte because of the childre of Israel, so that no man mighte go out ner in. 2 But the LORDE sayde vnto Iosua: Beholde, I haue geuen Iericho with ye kynge and men of warre therof, in to yi hande. 3 Let all the men of warre go once rounde aboute ye cite, and do so sixe dayes. 4 But vpon the seuenth daye let the prestes take the seuen trompettes of the yeare of Iubilye before the Arke, and go the same seuenth daye seuen tymes aboute the cite, and let the prestes blowe the trompettes. 5 And whan the horne of the yeare of Iubilye bloweth and maketh a sounde, so that ye heare the trompettes, all the people shal make a greate shoute, then shal the walles of the cite fall downe, and ye people shal fall in, euery one straight before him. 6 Then Iosua the sonne of Nun called ye prestes, and sayde vnto them: Beare ye the Arke of the couenaunt, and let seuen prestes take the seuen trompettes of the yeare of Iubilye before the Arke of the LORDE. 7 But vnto the people he sayde: Get you hence, and go roude aboute the cite: and let him that is harnessed, go before the Arke of the LORDE. 8 Whan Iosua had spoken this vnto the people, the seuen prestes bare the seuen trompettes of the yeare Iubilye before the Arke of the LORDE, and wente & blew the trompettes, and the Arke of the LORDES couenaut folowed after them: 9 and who so was harnessed, wente before the prestes that blewe the trompettes, and the multitude folowed the Arke. And all was full of ye noyse of the trompettes. 10 But Iosua commaunded the people, and sayde: Ye shall make no shoute, ner let youre voyce be herde, nether shall ye geue one worde out of youre mouth, vntyll the daye yt I saye vnto you: Make a shoute, then make a shoute. 11 So the Arke of the LORDE wente once rounde aboute the cite, and came agyne in to ye hooste, & remayned therin: 12 for Iosua vsed to ryse vp early in the mornynge. And the prestes bare the Arke of the LORDE: 13 so dyd the seuen prestes beare the seuen trompettes of the yeare of Iubilye before ye Arke of the LORDE, and wente and blewe the trompettes: and who so was harnessed, wente before the, but ye multitude folowed ye Arke of the LORDE. And all was full of the noyse of the trompettes. 14 The seconde daye wente they once aboute the cite also, and came agayne into the hoost. Thus dyd they sixe dayes. 15 But vpon the seueth daye whan the mornynge sprynge arose, they gat them vp early, and wente after the same maner seuen tymes aboute ye cite, so that vpon the same one seuenth daye they wente seuen tymes aboute the cite. 16 And at the seueth tyme whan the prestes blewe the trompettes, Iosua sayde vnto the people: Make a shoute, for ye LORDE hath delyuered you the cite: 17 Howbeit this cite, & all that is therin, shalbe damned vnto the LORDE: onely the harlot Rahab shal lyue, & all that are with her in ye house, for she hyd the messaungers, whom we sent forth. 18 Onely bewarre of it that is damned, lest ye damne youre selues (yf ye take ought of it which is damned) and make the hoost of Israel to be damned, and brynge it into mysfortune. 19 But all the syluer and golde, with the ornametes of brasse & yron, shalbe sanctified vnto the LORDE, that it maye come to the LORDES treasure. 20 Then made the people a greate shoute, and the prestes blewe the trompettes (for whan the people herde the noyse of the trompettes, they made a greate shoute) and the walles fell, and ehe people clymmed vp in to the cite, euery one straight before him. 21 Thus they wanne ye cite, and destroyed all that was in the cite with the edge of the swerde, both man and woman, yonge and olde, oxe, shepe, and Asse. 22 But Iosua sayde vnto ye two men which had spyed out the londe: Go in to the house of the harlot, and bringe out the woman fro thence with all that she hath, acordynge as ye haue sworne vnto her. 23 Then ye yonge men (the spyes) wente in, and brought forth Rahab with hir father and mother, & brethren, and all that she had, and all hir kynred, and caused her to dwell without the hoost of Israel. 24 As for the cite, they brent it with fyre, & all that was therin: onely the syluer and golde, and the ornamentes of brasse and yro put they vnto the treasure in the house of ye LORDE: 25 but Iosua let the harlot Rahab lyue, with hir fathers house, and all that she had: & she dwelt in Israel vnto this daie, because she had hyd the messaungers who Iosua sent vnto Iericho to spye. 26 At the same tyme sware Iosua, and sayde: Cursed be that man before the LORDE, which setteth vp this cite of Iericho & buyldeth it: Whan he laieth ye foundacio therof, let it cost him his first sonne: And wha he setteth vp the gates of it, let it cost him his yogest sonne. 27 Thus the LORDE was with Iosua, so that he was spoken of in all londes.

Joshua 10:1-11

1 Whan Adonisedech the kynge of Ierusalem herde, that Iosua had wonne Hai, and damned it, and done vnto Hai and ye kynge of it, like as he dyd vnto Iericho and to the kynge therof, and that they of Gibeon had made peace with Israel, and were come vnder them, they were sore afrayed. 2 For Gibeon was a greate cite, like as one of the kynges cities, and greater then Hai, and all the citesyns therof were men of armes. 3 Therfore sent he vnto Hoham the kynge of Hebron, and to Pirea the kynge of Iarmuth, and to Iaphia the kynge of Lachis, and to Debir the kynge of Eglon, and caused to saie vnto them: 4 Come vp vnto me, and helpe me, that we maie smyte Gibeon, for they haue made peace with Iosua and the children of Israel. 5 Then came the fyue kynges of the Amorites together, and wente vp, the kynge of Ierusalem, the kynge of Hebron, ye kynge of Iarmuth, the kynge of Lachis, the kynge of Eglon, with all their armies, & layed sege vnto Gibeon, and foughte agaynst it. 6 Howbeit they of Gibeon sent vnto Iosua to Gilgall, and caused to saye vnto him: Withdrawe not thine hande from thy seruauntes, come vp soone vnto vs: delyuer and helpe vs, for all the kynges of the Amorites that dwell vpon the mountaynes, are gathered together agaynst vs. 7 Iosua wente vp from Gilgall, and all the warryers and all the men armes with him. 8 And the LORDE sayde vnto Iosua: Feare them not, for I haue geue them in to thy hande. There shall not one of them be able to stonde before the. 9 So Iosua came sodenly vpon them, for all that night wente he vp from Gilgall. 10 And the LORDE discomfyted the before Israel, and smote them with a greate slaughter at Gibeon: & they chaced them the waie downe to Beth Horon, and smote them vnto Aseka and Makeda. 11 And whan they fled before Israel, the waye downe to Bethoron, the LORDE caused a greate hayle from heauen to fall vpon them, vnto Aseka, so that they dyed: & many mo of them dyed of the hayle, then the children of Israel slewe with the swerde.

Nehemiah 9:24-25

24 And ye children wente in, and possessed the londe, and thou subdudest before the the inhabiters of the londe, euen the Cananites, & gauest them in to their hande, and their kynges and ye people of the londe, yt they might do with them what they wolde. 25 And they wanne their stronge cities, & a fat londe, and toke possession of houses yt were full of all maner goodes, welles dygged out, vynyardes, oylgardens, & many frutefull trees: and they ate & were fylled, & became fat, & lyued in welth thorow thy greate goodnes.

Psalms 78:54-55

54 He brought them out safely, that they shulde not feare, and ouerwhelmed their enemies with the see. 55 He caried them vnto the borders of his Sanctuary: euen in to this hill, which he purchased with his right hande.

Psalms 105:44

44 And gaue them the lodes of the Heithe, where they toke the labours of the people in possession.

Psalms 114:3

3 The see sawe that, and fled, Iordan turned backe.

Psalms 114:5

5 What ayled the (o thou see) that thou fleddest? and thou Iordan, that thou turnedest backe?

Acts 7:45

45 which oure fathers also receaued, and brought it with Iosue into the londe that the Heythe had in possession, whom God droue out before the face of oure fathers, vntyll the tyme of Dauid,

Acts 13:19

19 and destroyed seuen nacions in the lande of Canaan, and parted their londe amonge them by lott.

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