Joshua 10:29 Cross References - Coverdale

29 Then Iosua and all Israel with him departed fro Makeda vnto Lybna, & foughte agaynst it.

Numbers 33:20

20 From Rimon Parez they departed, and pitched in Libna.

Joshua 6:21

21 Thus they wanne ye cite, and destroyed all that was in the cite with the edge of the swerde, both man and woman, yonge and olde, oxe, shepe, and Asse.

Joshua 8:2

2 And thou shalt do with Hai and the kynge of it, as thou dyddest with Iericho and the kynge therof, sauynge that ye shal deale amoge you their spoyle & catell: but set thou a preuy watch behynde the cite.

Joshua 8:29

29 And the kynge of Hai caused he to be hanged on a tre vntyll the euen. But wha the Sonne was gone downe, he commaunded to take his body from the tre, and to cast it vnder the gate of the cite, and made vpon him a greate heape of stones, which is there yet vnto this daye.

Joshua 10:28

28 The same daye wanne Iosua Makeda also, and smote it with the edge of the swerde, and the kynge therof, and damned it, and all the soules that were therin, and let none remayne escaped: and dyd vnto the kynge of Makeda as he dyd vnto the kynge of Iericho.

Joshua 12:15

15 ye kynge of Libna, the kynge of Adulla,

Joshua 15:42

42 Libna, Ether, Asen,

Joshua 21:13

13 Thus gaue they vnto the children of Aaron the prest, the fre cite of the deed sleyers, Hebron and the suburbes therof, Libna and the suburbes therof,

2 Kings 8:22

22 therfore fell the Edomites awaye from Iuda vnto this daye. At the same tyme fell Libna awaye also.

2 Kings 19:8

8 And whan ye chefe butlar came agayne, he founde the kynge of Assiria fightinge agaynst Libna: for he had herde that he was departed from Lachis.

Jeremiah 52:1

1 Sedechias was xxj. yeare olde, when he was made kynge, & he raigned xj. yeare in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Hamithal, Ieremies doughter of Lobna.

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