Joshua 10:1 Cross References - Coverdale

1 Whan Adonisedech the kynge of Ierusalem herde, that Iosua had wonne Hai, and damned it, and done vnto Hai and ye kynge of it, like as he dyd vnto Iericho and to the kynge therof, and that they of Gibeon had made peace with Israel, and were come vnder them, they were sore afrayed.

Genesis 14:18

18 But Melchisedech the kynge of Salem brought forth bred and wyne. And he beynge the prest of the most hye God,

Joshua 6:21

21 Thus they wanne ye cite, and destroyed all that was in the cite with the edge of the swerde, both man and woman, yonge and olde, oxe, shepe, and Asse.

Joshua 8:2

2 And thou shalt do with Hai and the kynge of it, as thou dyddest with Iericho and the kynge therof, sauynge that ye shal deale amoge you their spoyle & catell: but set thou a preuy watch behynde the cite.

Joshua 8:22-29

22 And they in the cite came forth also agaynst them, so yt they came in the myddes amonge Israel on both the sydes, and they slewe them, so that there was not one man of them left ouer or escaped: 23 and they toke the kynge of Hai alyue, and broughte him vnto Iosua. 24 And wha Israel had slayne all the inhabiters of Hai, which had folowed vpon them in the felde and in the wildernesse: and whan they were all fallen thorow the edge of the swerde, tyll they were destroied, the turned all Israel vnto Hai, and smote it with the edge of ye swerde. 25 And of all them which fell that daye fro man vnto woma, there were twolue thousande, all men of Hai. 26 But Iosua withdrue not his hande (wherwith he reached out the speare) tyll all the inhabiters of Hai were vtterly destroyed, 27 sauynge the catell and the spoyle of ye cite, dyd Israel parte amonge them selues, acordinge vnto the worde of the LORDE, which he comaunded Iosua. 28 And Iosua burned vp Hai and made an heape therof for euer, which is there yet vnto this daye. 29 And the kynge of Hai caused he to be hanged on a tre vntyll the euen. But wha the Sonne was gone downe, he commaunded to take his body from the tre, and to cast it vnder the gate of the cite, and made vpon him a greate heape of stones, which is there yet vnto this daye.

Joshua 9:15-27

15 And Iosua made peace with them, and set vp a couenaunt with them, that they shulde be saued alyue, and the rulers of the congregacion sware vnto them. 16 But thre dayes after that they had made a couenaunt with them, they herde, that they were their neghbours, and dwelt amonge them: 17 For as the children of Israel wente forth on their iourney, they came on the thirde daye vnto their cities, which are called Gibeon, Caphira, Beeroth, and Cirath Iearim, 18 and smote the not, because that the rulers of the congregacisn had sworne vnto them by the name of the LORDE the God of Israel. But whan all the congregacion murmured agaynst the rulers, 19 all the rulers sayde vnto the whole congregacion: We haue sworne vnto them by the LORDE the God of Israel, therfore maye we not touch them. 20 But this wil we do vnto them: Let them lyue, that there come no wrath vpon vs, because of the ooth that we haue made vnto them. 21 And the rulers sayde vnto them: Let them lyue, that they maye be hewers of wodd and bearers of water for the whole congregacion, as the rulers haue sayde vnto them. 22 Then Iosua called them, and commened with them, and sayde: Wherfore haue ye disceaued vs, and sayde, that ye were farre from vs, where as ye dwell amonge vs? 23 Therfore shall ye be cursed, so that of you there shall not ceasse seruauntes to hew wodd and to beare water for the house of my God. 24 They answered Iosua, & sayde: It was tolde thy seruauntes, that the LORDE thy God commaunded Moses his seruaunt, that he shulde geue you the whole lode, and that he wolde destroye all the inhabiters of the londe before you: therfore were we sore afrayed of oure lyues before you, and thus haue we done. 25 But now lo, we are in thy handes: loke what thou thinkest good and righte to do vnto vs, that do. 26 And he dyd euen so vnto them, and delyuered them from the children of Israels hade, that they shulde not slaye them. 27 So vpo the same daye Iosua made them hewers of wodd and water bearers for the congregacion, and for the altare of the LORDE vnto this daye, in the place that he shall chose.

Joshua 11:19-20

19 Yet was there not one cite, that yelded it selfe peaceably vnto the children of Israel (excepte the Heuites, which dwelt at Gibeon) but they wanne them all with battayll. 20 And this was done so of the LORDE that their hert was so hardened, to come against the children of Israel with battayll, yt they mighte be daned, & no fauoure to be shewed vnto them, but to be destroyed, as the LORDE commaunded Moses.

Hebrews 7:1

1 This Melchisedech kynge of Salem (which beynge prest of the most hye God, met Abraham as he returned agayne from the slaughter of the kynges, & blessed him,

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