Job 21:34 Cross References - Coverdale

34 O how vayne is the comforte yt ye geue me? Are not youre answeres cleane contrary to right and treuth?

Job 13:4

4 As for you, ye are workmasters of lyes: and vnprofitable Phisicians alltogether.

Job 16:2

2 I haue oft tymes herde soch thinges. Miserable geuers of comforte are ye, all the sorte of you.

Job 32:3

3 And with Iobs thre fredes he was angrie also, because they had founde no reasonable answere to ouercome him.

Job 42:7

7 Now whe the LORDE had spoken these wordes vnto Iob, he sayde vnto Eliphas ye Themanite: I am displeased with the & thy two frendes, for ye haue not spoken the thinge yt is right before me, like as my seruaunt Iob hath done.

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