Job 21:25 Cross References - Coverdale

25 Another dyeth in sorowe and heuynesse, and neuer had good daies.

2 Samuel 17:8

8 And Chusai sayde morouer: Thou knowest thy father well and his men, that they are stronge and of a wrothfull stomack, euen as a Beer that is robbed of hir yonge ones in the felde, Thy father also is a man of warre, and wyl not be necliget with the people.

1 Kings 17:12

12 She sayde: As truly as the LORDE yi God lyueth, I haue no bred, but an handfull of floure in a pitcher, & a curtesy oyle in a cruse: and beholde, I haue gathered vp one or two stickes, & wyll go and prepare it for me and my sonne, that we maye eate and dye.

Job 3:20

20 Wherfore is the light geuen, to him that is in mysery? and life vnto them, that haue heuy hertes?

Job 7:11

11 Therfore I will not spare my mouth, but will speake in the trouble of my sprete, in ye bytternesse of my mynde will I talke.

Job 9:18

18 He will not let my sprete be in rest, but fylleth me wt bytternesse.

Job 10:1

1 it greueth my soule to lyue. Neuerthelesse, now will I put forth my wordes: I wil speake out of the very heuynesse off my soule,

Job 20:23

23 For though ye wicked haue neuer so moch to fyll his bely, yet God shal sende his wrath vpon him, and cause his battayll to rayne ouer him:

Proverbs 14:10

10 The herte of him that hath vnderstondinge wil nether dispare for eny sorow, ner be to presumptuous for eny sodane ioye.

Ecclesiastes 6:2

2 when God geueth a man riches, goodes & honoure, so that he wanteth nothinge of all that his herte can desyre: and yet God geueth him not leue to enioye the same, but another man spedeth them. This is a vayne thinge & a miserable plage.

Isaiah 38:15-17

15 What shal I speake or say, ethat he maye this doo? yt I maye lyue out all my yeares, yee in the bytternesse of my life? 16 Verely (LORDE,) men must lyue in bytternesse, & all my life must I passe ouer therin: For thou raysest me vp, and wakest me. But lo, I wilbe wel content with this bytternes. 17 Neuertheles my couersacion hath so pleased ye, that thou woldest not make an ende of my life, so that thou hast cast all my synnes behynde thy backe.

Ezekiel 4:16-17

16 And he sayde vnto me: Beholde thou sonne off man, I will mynishe all the prouysion of bred in Ierusalem, so that they shall weye their bred, and eate it with scarcenesse. But as for water, they shall haue a very litle measure theroff, to drynke. 17 And when they haue nomore bred ner water, one shal be destroyed with another, and famish awaye for their wickednesse.

Ezekiel 12:18

18 Thou sonne of man: with a fearfull treblinge shalt thou eate thy bred, with carefulnesse & sorowe shalt thou drynke thy water.

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