Jeremiah 9:2 Cross References - Coverdale

2 Wolde God that I had a cotage some where farre from folke, that I might leaue my people, and go from the: for they be all aduoutrers and a shrenckinge sorte.

Psalms 55:6-8

6 Lo, then wolde I get me awaye farre of, and remayne in the wildernesse. 7 Sela. I wolde make haist to escape, from the stormy wynde and tempest. 8 Destroie their tonges (o LORDE) and deuyde them, for I se vnrightuousnes & strife in ye cite.

Psalms 120:5-7

5 Wo is me yt my banishmet endureth sologe: I dwell in the tabernacles of the soroufull. 6 My soule hath loge dwelt amonge them, that be enemies vnto peace. 7 I laboured for peace, but when I spake therof, they made them to batayll.

Jeremiah 5:7-8

7 Shulde I then for all this haue mercy vpon the? Thy children haue forsaken me, and sworne by them that are no goddes. And albeit they were bounde to me in mariage, yet they fell to aduoutrie, and haunted harlottes houses. 8 In the desyre of vnclenly lust they are become like the stoned horse, euery man neyeth at his neghbours wife.

Jeremiah 12:1

1 O Lorde, thou art more rightuous, then that I shulde dispute with the: Neuertheles, let me talke with the in thinges reasonable. How happeneth it, that the waye off the vngodly is so prosperous? and that it goeth so wel with them, which (with out eny shame) offede and lyue in wickednesse?

Jeremiah 12:6

6 For thy brethren ad thy kynred haue altogether despised the, and cried out vpon the in thine absence. Beleue them not, though they speake fayre wordes to the.

Jeremiah 23:10

10 Because the londe is full of aduoterers, where thorow it is destroyed and mourneth, and ye pleasaunt pastures of the deserte are dryed vp. Yee the waye that men take, is wicked, & their gouernaunce is nothinge like the holy worde of the LORDE.

Ezekiel 22:10-11

10 In ye haue they discouered their fathers shame, in the haue they vexed women in their sicknesse. 11 Euery ma hath dealte shamefully with his neghbours wife, & abhominably defyled his doughter in lawe. In the hath euery man forced his owne sister, euen his fathers doughter:

Hosea 4:2

2 but swearinge, lyege, maslaughter, theft and aduoutry haue gotten the ouerhande, & one bloudgiltynesse foloweth another.

Hosea 5:7

7 As for the LORDE, they haue refused him, and brought vp bastarde children: a moneth therfore shall deuoure them with their porcions.

Hosea 6:7

7 But euen like as Adam dyd, so haue they broken my couenaunt, and set me at naught.

Hosea 7:4

4 All these burne in aduoutry, as it were an ouen yt the baker heateth, whe he hath lefte kneadinge, till the dowe be leuended.

Micah 7:1-7

1 Wo is me: I am become as one, that goeth a gleenynge in the haruest. There are no mo grapes to eate, yet wolde I fayne (with all my herte) haue of the best frute. 2 There is not a godly man vpo earth, there is not one rightuous amoge me. They laboure all to shed bloude, & euery ma hunteth his brother to death: 3 yet they saye they do well, when they do euell. As the prince wil, so sayeth the iudge: yt he maye do him a pleasure agayne. The greate ma speaketh what his herte desyreth, & ye hearers alowe him. 4 The best off the is but as a thistle, and the most rightuous of them is but as a brere in the hedge But when the daye of thy preachers commeth, yt thou shalt be vysited: the shal they be waisted a waye. 5 Let no man beleue his frende, ner put his confidece in a prince. Kepe the porte of thy mouth, from her yt lieth in thy bosome: 6 for ye sonne shal put his father to dishonoure, the doughter shal ryse agaynst her mother, ye doughter in lawe agaynst hir mother in lawe: and a mans foes shalbe euen they of his owne housholde. 7 Neuerthelesse I wil loke vp vnto ye LORDE, I wil paciently abyde God my sauioure: my God shal heare me.

Zephaniah 3:4

4 Hir prophetes are light personnes and vn faithfull men: hir prestes vnhalowe the Sanctuary, and do wronge vnder the pretence of the lawe.

Malachi 2:11

11 Now hath Iuda offended: yee the abhominacion is done in Israel and in Ierusale, for Iuda hath defyled the Sactuary of the LORDE, which he loued, and hath kepte the doughter of a straunge God.

James 4:4

4 Ye aduouterars, & weme that breke matrimonie: knowe ye not how that the frenshippe of ye worlde is ennimite to godwarde? Whosoeuer wilbe a frende of the worlde, is made ye enemie of god.

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