Jeremiah 7:25 Cross References - Coverdale

25 And this haue they done, from the tyme that youre fathers came out of Egipte, vnto this daye. Neuertheles, I sent vnto them my seruauntes all the prophetes: I rose vp early and sent them worde,

Deuteronomy 9:7

7 Remembre and forget not, how thou displeasedest the LORDE thy God in the wildernesse. Sence ye daye that thou departedst out of the londe of Egipte, tyll ye came vnto this place, haue ye bene dishobedient vnto the LORDE.

Deuteronomy 9:21-24

21 As for youre synne (namely, the calfe that ye had made) I toke it, and burnt it with the fyre, and smote it a sunder, & grynde it in peces, euen vnto dust, and cast the dust in to the broke that descended from the mount. 22 Ye displeased the LORDE also, at Tabera, and at Massa, and at the lustgraues, 23 and wha he sent you from Cades Barnea, and sayde: Go vp, and conquere the londe which I haue geuen you. And ye were disobedient vnto the mouth of the LORDE youre God, and beleued not on him, and herkened not vnto his voyce: 24 for ye haue bene disobediet vnto the LORDE, as longe as I haue knowne you.

1 Samuel 8:7-8

7 The LORDE saide vnto Samuel: Herken vnto the voice of the people in all yt they haue sayde vnto the. For they haue not refused the, but me, yt I shulde not be kinge ouer them. 8 They do vnto the as they haue done euer, sence the daie yt I brought them out of the londe of Egipte vnto this daye, and haue forsaken me, and serued other goddes.

2 Chronicles 36:15

15 And the LORDE God of their fathers sent vnto them early by his messaungers (for he spared his people and his habitacion)

Ezra 9:7

7 Sence the tyme of oure fathers haue we bene in greate trespace vnto this daie, and because of oure wickednesses haue we and or kynges bene delyuered in to the hande of ye kynges of the nacions, in to the swerde, in to captiuyte, in to spoyle, and in to confusion of face, as it is come to passe this daye.

Nehemiah 9:16-18

16 Neuertheles oure fathers were proude and hardnecked, so that they folowed not yi comaundementes, 17 and refused to heare, and were not myndefull of the wonders yt thou dyddest for them: but became obstynate and heady, in so moch that they turned back to their bondage in their dishobedience. But thou my God forgauest, and wast gracious, mercifull, pacient, and of greate goodnesse, and forsokest them not. 18 And though they made a molten calfe (and sayde: This is thy God, that broughte the out of the londe of Egipte) and dyd greate blasphemies,

Nehemiah 9:26

26 Neuertheles they were disobedient, and rebelled agaynst the, and cast thy lawe behynde their backes, and slewe thy prophetes (which exhorted them so earnestly, that they shulde couerte vnto the) and dyd greate blasphemies.

Nehemiah 9:30

30 And many yeares dyddest thou forbeare them, & testified vnto them thorow yi sprete, euen by the office of yi prophetes, & yet wolde they not heare. Therfore gauest thou the in to ye hade of ye nacions in the londes.

Psalms 106:13-22

13 But within a whyle they forgat his workes, & wolde not abyde his councell. 14 A lust came vpo them in the wildernesse, so that they tempted God in the deserte. 15 Yet he gaue them their desyre, and sent the ynough at their willes. 16 They angred Moses in the tetes, and Aaron the saynte of the LORDE. 17 So the earth opened & swalowed vp Dathan, and couered the congregacio of Abiram. 18 The fyre was kyndled in their company, the flame brent vp the vngodly. 19 They made a calfe in Horeb, and worshipped the molte ymage. 20 Thus they turned his glory into the similitude of a calfe, yt eateth haye. 21 They forgat God their Sauior, which had done so greate thinges in Egipte. 22 Wonderous workes in the londe of Ham, and fearfull thinges in the reed see.

Jeremiah 7:13

13 And now, though ye haue done all these dedes (saieth the LORDE) and I my self rose vp euer by tymes to warne you and to comon with you: yet wolde ye not heare me: I called, ye wolde not answere.

Jeremiah 25:4

4 Though the LORDE hath sent his seruauntes, all the prophetes vnto you in season: Yet wolde ye not obeye, ye wolde not encline yor eares to heare.

Jeremiah 32:30-31

30 For seinge the children of Israel and the children of Iuda haue wrought wickednes before me euer from their youth vp, what haue they els done, but prouoked me with the workes of their owne hondes? saieth the LORDE. 31 Or, what hath this cite bene els, but a prouokinge of my wrath, euer sence the daye that I buylded it, vnto this houre? Wherin I cast it out of my sight,

Ezekiel 2:3

3 And he sayde: Beholde, thou sonne off man: I will sende the to the children off Israel, to those runnagates and obstinate people: for they haue take parte agaynst me, and are runne awaye fro me: both they, and their forefathers, vnto this daye.

Ezekiel 20:5-32

5 & tell the: Thus saieth the LORDE God: In the daye when I chose Israel, and lift vp myne honde vpon the sede of the house of Iacob, & shewed my self vnto them in the londe of Egipte: Yee when I lifte vp myne honde ouer the, and sayde: I am the LORDE youre God, 6 euen in the daye that I lift vp myne honde ouer them, to bringe them out of the londe of Egipte: in to a londe that I had prouyded for them, which floweth with mylcke and hony, and is a pleasaunt lode amonge all other: 7 Then sayde I vnto them: Cast awaye euery man the abhominacions that he hath before him, and defyle not youre selues with the Idols of Egipte, for I am the LORDE youre God. 8 But they rebelled agaynst me, and wolde not folowe me: to cast awaye euery man the abhominacions of his eyes, and to forsake the Idols of Egipte. Then I made me to poure my indignacion ouer them, and to satisfie my wrath vpon them: yee euen in the myddest of the londe of Egipte. 9 But I wolde not do it, for my names sake: that it shulde not be vnhalowed before the Heithen, amonge whom they dwelt, and amonge whom I shewed my self vnto them, that I wolde bringe them out of the londe of Egipte. 10 Now when I had caried them out of the londe of Egipte, and brought them into the wildernesse: 11 I gaue them my commaundementes, & shewed the my lawes: which who so kepeth shal lyue in them. 12 I gaue them also my holy dayes, to be a token betwixte me and them, and therby to knowe, that I am the LORDE, which haloweth them. 13 And yet the house of Israel rebelled agaynst me in the wildernesse, they wolde not walke in my commaundementes, they haue cast awaye my lawes: (which whoso kepeth shulde lyue in them,) and my Sabbath daies haue thy greatly vnhalowed. The I made me to poure out my indignacion vpon them, & to cosume them in the wildernesse. 14 Yet I wolde not do it, for my names sake: lest it shulde be dishonoured before the Heithe, from the which I had caried them awaye. 15 But I swore vnto them in the wildernesse, that I wolde not bringe them into the londe, which I gaue them: a londe that floweth with mylcke & hony, & is a pleasure of all londes: 16 & yt because they refused my lawes, & walked not in my comaundemetes, but had vnhalowed my Sabbathes, for their herte was gone after their Idols. 17 Neuertheles myne eye spared the, so yt I wolde not vtterly slaye the, & cosume the in the wildernes. 18 Morouer, I sayde vnto their sonnes in ye wildernesse: walke not in the statutes of yor forefathers, kepe not their ordinaunces, and defyle not youre selues with their Idols, 19 for I am the LORDE youre God. But walke in my statutes, kepe my lawes & do them, 20 halowe my Sabbathes: for they are a token betwixte me & you, that ye maye knowe, how yt I am the LORDE. 21 Notwithstodinge, their sonnes rebelled against me also: they walked not in my statutes, they kepte not my lawes to fulfill them (which he that doth shal lyue in them) nether halowed they my Sabbath dayes. The I made me agayne to poure out my indignacion ouer them, and to satisfie my wrath vpon them in the wildernesse. 22 Neuertheles I with drewe my honde for my names sake, lest it shulde be vnhalowed amonge the Heithe, before whom I had brought them forth. 23 I lift vp myne honde ouer them also in the wildernesse, that I wolde scatre them amonge the Heithen, and strowe them amonge the nacions: 24 because they had not kepte my lawes, but cast asyde my commaundementes, vnhalowed my Sabbathes, and lift vp their eyes to their fathers Idols. 25 Wherfore I gaue them also commaundementes not good, & lawes thorow the which they shulde not lyue, 26 & I vnhalowed them in their owne giftes: (when I appoynted for my self all their first borne) to make them desolate: that they might knowe, how that I am the LORDE. 27 Therfore (O thou sonne of man) tell the house of Israel, thus saieth the LORDE God: Besyde all this, youre forefathers haue yet blasphemed me more, and greatly offended agaynst me: 28 For after I had brought them in to the londe, yt I promysed to geue them, when they sawe euery hie hill & all the thicke trees: they made there their offringes, and prouoked me with their oblacions, makinge swete sauoures there, & poured out their drinkeofferinges. 29 Then I axed them: what haue ye to do with all, that ye go thither? And therfore is it called the hie place vnto this daye. 30 Wherfore, speake vnto the house of Israel: Thus saieth the LORDE God: Ye are euen as vnclene as youre forefathers, & committe whordome also with their abhominacios. 31 In all youre Idols, where vnto ye bringe youre oblacios, & to whose honoure ye burne youre children: ye defyle youre selues, euen vnto this daye: how darre ye the come, and axe eny question at me? O ye housholde of Israel? As truly as I lyue (saieth the LORDE God) ye get no answere of me: 32 & as for the thinge that ye go aboute, it shal not come to passe, where as ye saye: we wil be as the Heithen, & do as other people in the londe, wod & stone wil we worshipe.

Ezekiel 23:2-3

2 Thou sonne of man, there were two wome, that had one mother: 3 These (when they were yonge) beganne to playe the harlottes in Egipte. There were their brestes brussed, and the pappes off their maydenheade destroyed.

Matthew 21:34-36

34 Now wha the tyme of the frute drew neare, he sent his seruautes to the hussbandmen, to receaue the frutes of it. 35 Then the hussbandmen caught his seruauntes: one they bett, another they kylled, the thirde they stoned. 36 Agayne, he sent other seruauntes, moo then the first, and they dyd vnto them in like maner.

Luke 20:10-12

10 And whan his tyme was come, he sent a seruaut to the hussbadmen, that they might geue him of the frute of the vynyarde. But the hussbandmen bet him, and sent him awaye emptye. 11 And agayne he sent yet another seruaut: but they bet him also, and intreated him shamefully, & sent him awaye emptye. 12 And besydes this, he sent the thirde: but they wounded him also, and thrust him out.

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