Jeremiah 48:32 Cross References - Coverdale

32 So will I mourne for the also (o Iazer) and for the, O thou vynyarde off Sybma. Thy wyne brauches shal come ouer ye see, and the braunches off Iazer but vnto the see: the destroyer shall breake in to thy haruest and grape gatheringe.

Numbers 21:32

32 And Moses sent out spyes vnto Iahesar, & they toke the townes belongynge therto, & coquered the Amorites yt were therin.

Numbers 32:1

1 The children of Ruben and the children of Gad had an exceadinge greate multitude of catell, and sawe the londe of Iaeser and Gilead yt it was a mete place for catell,

Numbers 32:35

35 Sophan, Iaeser, & Iegabeha,

Numbers 32:38

38 Nebo, Baal Meon, & turned ye names, & Sibamas & gaue names vnto ye cities which they buylded.

Joshua 13:19

19 Kiriathaim, Sibama, Zeretha Sahar, vpon mount Emek,

Joshua 21:39

39 Hesbon and Iaeser with their suburbes:

Isaiah 16:8-9

8 The suburbes also of Hesebon were made waist, & the princes of the Gentyles hewed downe ye vynyardes of Sibma, which were planted with noble grapes, and spred vnto Iazer, and went vnto the ende of the deserte, whose braunches stretched their selues forth beyonde the see. 9 Therfore I mourned for Iazer, & for ye vynyardes of Sibma wt greate sorow. I poured my teares vpon Hesebon & Eleale, for all their songes were layde downe, in their haruest & gatheringe of their grapes:

Jeremiah 40:10

10 Beholde, I dwell at Masphat to be an officer in the Caldees behalfe, & to satisfie soch as come to vs. Therfore gather you wyne, corne and oyle, and kepe them in youre ware houses, and dwell in youre cities, that ye haue in kepinge.

Jeremiah 48:8

8 The destroyer shal come vpon all cities, none shall escape. The valleys shalbe destroyed, and the feldes shall be layed waist: like as the LORDE hath determed.

Jeremiah 48:15

15 Moab shalbe destroyed, and hir cities brente vp: hir chosen yonge men shall be slayne, saieth the kinge, whose name is the LORDE off hoostes.

Jeremiah 48:18

18 And thou doughter Dibo, come downe from thy glory, and syt in pouerte. For he that destroyeth Moab, shall come vp to the also, and breake downe thy stronge holdes.

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