Jeremiah 38:19 Cross References - Coverdale

19 And Sedechias sayde vnto Ieremy: I am afrayde for the Iewes, that are fled vnto the Caldees, lest I come in their hodes, and so they to haue me in derision.

Judges 9:54

54 Then Abimelech in all the haist, called the seruaunt that bare his wapen, and sayde vnto him: Drawe out thy swerde, and kyll me, that it be not sayde of me: A woman hath slayne him. Then his seruaunt thrust him thorow, and he dyed.

Judges 16:25

25 Now whan their hert was ioyfull, they sayde: Let vs fetch Samson, that he maye make some pastyme before vs. Then fetched they Samson out of the preson, & he made pastyme before them. And they set him betwene two pilers.

1 Samuel 15:24

24 Then sayde Saul vnto Samuel: I haue synned, yt I haue transgressed the commaundement of the LORDE and thy worde: for I was afrayed of the people, and herkened vnto their voyce.

1 Samuel 31:4

4 Then sayde Saul vnto his wapebearer: Drawe out thy swerde, and thrust it thorow me, that these vncircumcised come not and slaie me, and make a laughinge stocke of me. Neuertheles his wapenbearer wolde not, for he was sore afrayed. Then toke Saul ye swerde, and fell therin.

Job 31:34

34 For yf I had feared eny greate multitude of people: Or yf I had bene dispysed of ye symple, Oh then shulde I haue bene afrayed. Thus haue I quyetly spent my lyfe, and not gone out at ye dore.

Proverbs 29:25

25 He that feareth men, shal haue a fall: but who so putteth his trust in the LORDE, shal come to honor.

Isaiah 45:9-10

9 Wo be vnto him that chydeth wt his maker, the potsherde with the potter. Saieth ye claye to the potter: What makest thou? or, yi worke serueth for nothige? 10 Wo be vnto him, yt saieth to his father: why begettest thou? And to his mother: why bearest thou?

Isaiah 51:12-13

12 Yee I, I am eue he, that in all thiges geueth you consolacion. What art thou then, that fearest a mortall ma, ye childe of man, which goeth awaye as doeth the floure? 13 And forgettest the LORDE that made the, that spred out the heauens, and layde the foundacion of the earth. But thou art euer afrayde for the sight of thyne oppressoure, which is ready to do harme: Where is the wrath of the oppressoure?

Isaiah 57:11

11 For when wilt thou be aba?shed or feare, seinge thou hast broken thy promyse, & remembrest not me, nether hast me in thine hert? Thinkest thou, that I also will holde my peace (as afore tyme) yt thou fearest me not?

Jeremiah 38:5

5 Sedechias the kinge answered and sayde: lo, he is in yor hodes, for ye kige maye denye you nothinge.

Jeremiah 38:22

22 Beholde, all the women that are left in the kynge of Iudaes house, shal go out to the kynge of Babilons prynces. For they thynke, yt thou art disceaued: and that ye men in whom thou didest put thy trust, haue gotten the vnder, and set thy fete fast in the myre, and gone their waye from the.

Jeremiah 39:9

9 As for the remnaunt of the people that were in the cite, and soch as were come to helpe them (what so euer was left of the come sorte) Nabuzaradan the chefe captayne caried them to Babilon.

John 12:42

42 Neuertheles many of the chefe rulers beleued on him, but because of the Pharises they wolde not be aknowne of it, lest they shulde be excommunicate,

John 19:12-13

12 From that tyme forth Pilate sought meanes to lowse him. But the Iewes cryed, & sayde: Yf thou let him go, thou art not the Emperours frede. For whosoeuer maketh himself kynge, is agaynst the Emperoure. 13 Whan Pilate herde yt worde, he brought Iesus forth, & sat hi downe vpo ye iugdmet seate, in the place which is called the Pauement, but in the Hebrue, Gabbatha.

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