Jeremiah 34:10 Cross References - Coverdale

10 Now as they had consented, euen so they were obedient, & let them go fre.

Isaiah 29:13

13 Therfore thus sayeth the LORDE: For so moch as this people draweth nye me wt their mourh, and prayseth me highly with their lippes (where as there herte neuertheles is farre fro me, and the feare which they owe vnto me, that turne they to mens lawes and doctrynes)

Jeremiah 3:10-11

10 Neuerthelesse, hir vnfaithfull sister Iuda is not turned vnto me agayne with hir whole herte, but faynedly, saieth the LORDE. 11 And the LORDE sayde vnto me: The bacslyder Israel is more rightuous, the the vnfaithfull Iuda:

Jeremiah 26:10

10 And when all the people were gathered aboute Ieremy in the house of the LORDE, the prynces of Iuda herde of this rumoure, & they came soone out of the kinges Palace in to the house of the LORDE, and sat them downe before the new dore of the LORDE.

Jeremiah 26:16

16 Then sayde the rulers and the people vn the prestes and prophetes: This man maye not be condemned to death, for he hath preached vnto vs in the name of the LORDE oure God.

Jeremiah 36:12

12 he wete downe to the kinges palace in to ye scrybes chabre for there all ye prynces were set: Elisama the scrybe, Dalias the sonne of Semei, Elnatha the sonne off Achbor, Gamaria the sonne of Saphan, Sedechias the sonne of Hananias, with all the princes.

Jeremiah 36:24-25

24 Yet no man was abashed therof, or rente his clothes: nether the kynge himselffe, ner his seruauntes, though they herde all these wordes. 25 Neuertheles Elnathan, Dalias ad Gamarias, besoughte the kinge, that he wolde not burne the boke: notwithstondinge ye kynge wolde not heare them,

Jeremiah 38:4

4 The sayde the prynces vnto ye kynge: Syr, we besech you let this man be put to death, For thus he discorageth the hodes of the soudyers yt be in this cite, & the hodes of all the people, whe he speaketh soch wordes vnto the. This ma verely laboureth not for peace of ye people, but mischefe.

Mark 6:20

20 Notwithstodinge Herode feared Iho, for he knew that he was a iust and holy man: and he kepte him, and herkened vnto him in many thinges, and herde him gladly.

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