Jeremiah 32:35 Cross References - Coverdale

35 They haue buylded hie places for Baal in the valley of the children of Ennon, to vowe their sonnes and doughters vnto Moloch: which I neuer commauded them, nether came it euer in my thought, to make Iuda synne with soch abhominacion.

Exodus 32:21

21 & sayde vnto Aaron: What dyd this people vnto the, that thou hast brought so greate a synne vpon them?

Leviticus 18:21

21 Thou shalt not geue of thy sede also, to be burnt vnto Moloch, lest thou vnhalowe the name of thy God, for I am the LORDE.

Leviticus 20:2-5

2 Tell the children of Israel: Who so euer he be amonge the children of Israel, (or eny straunger that dwelleth in Israel) which geueth of his sede vnto Moloch, the same shall dye the death: the people of the lande shal stone him, 3 & I wyll set my face agaynst that man, and wyll rote him out from amoge his people, because he hath geuen of his sede vnto Moloch, and defyled my Sanctuary, & vnhalowed my holy name. 4 And though the people of the londe loke thorow the fyngers vpon that man, which hath geuen of his sede unto Moloch, so that they put him not to death, 5 yet wyl I set my face agaynst the same man, & agaynst his generacion: And him, and all that go a whorynge with him after Moloch, wyll I rote out from amonge their people.

Deuteronomy 18:10

10 that there be not founde amonge you, yt maketh his sonne or doughter go thorow the fyre, or a prophecier, or a choser out of dayes, or that regardeth the foules cryenge,

Deuteronomy 24:4

4 then hir first husbande that put hir awaie, maie not take hir againe to be his wife, in so moch as she is defyled, for that is abhominacion before the LORDE: that thou make not the londe to synne, which the LORDE thy God hath geuen the to enheritauce.

1 Kings 11:33

33 for they haue forsaken me, and worshipped Astaroth the god of the Sidonians, Chamos the god of the Moabites, and Malco the god of the children of Ammon, and haue not walked in my wayes, to fulfill my pleasure, myne ordinaunces, and lawes, as dyd Dauid his father.

1 Kings 14:16

16 And Israel shall be geuen ouer because of the synne of Ieroboam, which hath synned him selfe, & made Israel to synne.

1 Kings 15:26

26 and dyd euell in the sighte of the LORDE, and walked in the waye of his father, and in his synnes, wherwith he made Israel to synne.

1 Kings 15:30

30 because of Ieroboams synnes which he dyd, & made Israel synne withall: euen with ye prouokynge wherwith he displeased the LORDE God of Israel.

1 Kings 16:19

19 because of his synnes which he had committed, in that he dyd euell in the sighte of the LORDE, and walked in the waye of Ieroboam, and in his synnes which he dyd, wherwith he made Israel to synne.

1 Kings 21:22

22 and thy house wyll I make as the house of Ieroboam ye sonne of Nebat, and as the house of Baesa the sonne of Ahia, because of ye prouocacion wherwhith thou hast prouoked me vnto wrath, and made Israel to synne.

2 Kings 3:3

3 Neuertheles he cleued vnto ye synnes of Ieroboa & sonne of Nebat, which made Israel for to synne, & departed not there fro.

2 Kings 21:11

11 Because that Manasse the kynge of Iuda hath gone these abhominacions, which are worse then all ye abhominacions that the Amorites haue done which were before them, and hath caused Iuda also to synne agaynst their God,

2 Kings 23:10

10 He suspended Tophet also in the valley of the children of Ennon, that noman shulde cause his sonne or his doughter to go thorow ye fyre vnto Moloch.

2 Kings 23:15

15 And the altare at Bethel, and the hye place that Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat made, which caused Israel to synne, the same altare brake he downe, and the hye place, & brent the hye place, and made it to dust, and brent vp the groue.

2 Chronicles 28:2-3

2 but walked in the wayes of the kinges of Israel, and made molten ymages vnto Baalim, 3 and brent incense in the valley of the children of Hennon, and bret his awne sonnes in ye fire, after the abhominacions of the Heithen, who the LORDE expelled before the childre of Israel.

2 Chronicles 33:6

6 And in the valley of the sonne of Hennon caused he his awne sonnes to go thorow the fyre, and chosed dayes, & regarded byrdescryenge, and witches, and founded soythsayers and expounders of tokens, and dyd moch that was euell in the sighte of the LORDE to prouoke him vnto wrath.

2 Chronicles 33:9

9 But Manasses disceaued Iuda and them of Ierusale, so that they dyd worse then the Heythen, whom the LORDE destroyed before the children of Israel.

Psalms 106:37-38

37 Yee they offred their sonnes & their doughters vnto deuels. 38 And shed the innocent bloude of their sonnes and of their doughters, whom they offred vnto the ymages of Canaan, so that the londe was defyled with bloude.

Isaiah 57:5

5 Ye take youre pleasure vnder the okes, & vnder all grene trees, the childe beynge slayne in the valleys, & dennes of stone.

Jeremiah 7:31

31 They haue also buylded an aulter at Tophet, which is in the valley of ye childre of Enno: yt they might burne their sonnes and doughters, which I neuer comaunded them, nether came it euer in my thought.

Jeremiah 19:5-6

5 for they haue set vp an aulter vnto Baal, to burne their children for a burntoffringe vnto Baal, which I nether commaunded, ner charged them, nether thought once there vpon. 6 Beholde therfore, ye tyme cometh (saieth the LORDE) yt this place shal no more be called Tophet, ner ye valley of ye childre of Enno, but ye valley of slaughter.

Ezekiel 16:20-21

20 Thou hast take thine owne sonnes & doughters, whom thou haddest begotten vnto me: and these hast thou offred vp vnto them, to be their meate. Is this but a small whordome of thine (thinkest thou) 21 that thou slayest my children, and geuest them ouer, to be bret vnto them?

Ezekiel 23:37

37 namely, yt they haue broke their wedlocke, & stayned their hodes wt bloude: yee euen wt their Idols haue they committed aduoutry, & offred them their owne children (to be deuoured) who they had borne vnto me.

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