Jeremiah 25:3 Cross References - Coverdale

3 From the xiij yeare of Iosias the sonne of Amon kinge of Iuda, vnto this present daye, (that is euen xxiij yeare) the worde of the LORDE hath bene committed vnto me. And so I haue spoke to you, I haue rysen vp early, I haue geue you warnynge in season, but ye wolde not heare me.

Genesis 22:3

3 Then Abraham stode vp by tymes in the mornynge, and sadled his Asse, and toke with him two yonge men, and his sonne Isaac, and cloue wodd for the brentofferynge, gat him vp, and wente on vnto the place, wherof the LORDE had sayde vnto him.

Exodus 8:20

20 And ye LORDE saide vnto Moses: Get ye vp tomorow by tymes, & stonde before Pharao: beholde, he wil go vnto the water, & speake thou vnto him: Thus saieth ye LORDE: let my people go, yt they maye serue me:

1 Kings 22:3

3 And the kynge of Israel sayde vnto his seruauntes: Knowe ye not yt Ramoth in Gilead is oures? and we syt styll, and take it not out of the hande of the kynge of Syria.

2 Chronicles 34:3

3 For in the eight yeare of his reigne wha he was yet but a childe, he beganne to seke the God of his father Dauid: and in the twolueth yeare begane he to clense Iuda and Ierusale from the hye places and groues, and carued Idols, and molten ymages:

2 Chronicles 34:8

8 In the eighteth yeare of his reigne wha he had clensed the londe and the house, he sent Saphan the sonne of Asalia and Maeseia the Shreue of the cite, and Ioath the sonne of Ioahas the Chaunceler, to repayre the house of the LORDE his God.

Psalms 81:13

13 So I gaue the vp vnto their owne hertes lust, & let the folowe their owne ymaginacions.

Isaiah 55:2

2 Wherfore do ye laye out yor moneye, for the thinge yt fedeth not, and spende youre laboure aboute the thinge that satisfieth you not? But herke rather vnto me, ad ye shal eate of the best, & youre soule shal haue hir pleasure in pleteousnes.

Jeremiah 1:2

2 when the LORDE had first spoken with him, in the tyme of Iosias the sonne of Amon kinge of Iuda, in the xiij yeare of his kingdome:

Jeremiah 7:13

13 And now, though ye haue done all these dedes (saieth the LORDE) and I my self rose vp euer by tymes to warne you and to comon with you: yet wolde ye not heare me: I called, ye wolde not answere.

Jeremiah 11:7

7 For I haue diligently exorted youre fathers, euer sence the tyme that I brought them out off the Londe off Egipte, vnto this daye. I gaue them warnynge by tymes, sayenge: herken vnto my voyce:

Jeremiah 25:4

4 Though the LORDE hath sent his seruauntes, all the prophetes vnto you in season: Yet wolde ye not obeye, ye wolde not encline yor eares to heare.

Jeremiah 26:5

5 and to heare the wordes of my seruauntes the prophetes, whom I sent vnto you, rysynge vp tymely, and still sendinge: Yf ye will not folowe the (I saye)

Jeremiah 29:19

19 & that because they haue not bene obedient vnto my commaundementes, (saieth the LORDE) which I sent vnto them by my seruauntes the prophetes. I stode vp early, and sent vnto them, but they wolde not heare, saieth the LORDE.

Jeremiah 35:15

15 Yee I haue sent my seruautes, all the prophetes vnto you, I rose vp early, & sent you worde, sayenge: O turne you, euery man from his wicked waye: amede yor lyues, & go not after strauge goddes, to worshippe the: yt ye maye cotinue in the lode, which I haue geuen vnto you and youre fathers, but ye wolde nether heare me, ner folowe me.

Jeremiah 44:4

4 How be it, I sent vnto them my seruautes all the prophetes: I rose vp early, I sent vnto them, and gaue them warninge: O do no soch abhominable thinges, & thinges that I hate

Mark 1:35

35 And in the mornynge before daye, he arose, and wente out. And Iesus departed in to a deserte place, and prayed there.

John 8:2

2 and early in the mornynge came he agayne in to the temple, and all the people came vnto him. And he sat downe, and taught them.

John 8:47

47 He that is of God, heareth Gods worde. Therfore heare ye not, because ye are not of God.

2 Timothy 4:2

2 Preach thou the worde, be feruent, be it in season or out of season: Improue, rebuke, exhorte with all longe sufferynge and doctryne.

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