Isaiah 7:12 Cross References - Coverdale

12 The sayde Ahas: I will requyre none, nether will I tempte the LORDE.

Deuteronomy 6:16

16 Ye shal not tempte ye LORDE youre God, as ye tempted him at Massa:

2 Kings 16:15

15 And Achas the kynge comaunded Vrias ye prest, & sayde: Vpo the greate altare shalt thou kyndle ye burntoffrynge in the mornynge, & the meatoffrynge in the euenynge, & the kynges burntoffrynge & his meatoffrynge, & the burntoffrynge of all the people in the londe, wt their meatoffrynge & drynkoffrynge. And all the bloude of the burntofferynges, & all the bloude of the other offrynges shalt thou sprenkle theron: but with the brasen altare wyll I deuyse what I can.

2 Chronicles 28:22

22 Morouer kinge Achas trespaced yet more against the LORDE euen in his trouble,

Ezekiel 33:31

31 These come vnto the, after ye maner of a greate people: yee my people syt downe before the, and heare thy wordes, but they do not therafter: For in their mouthes they shewe themselues, as though they were feruent, but their herte goeth after their owne couetous lucre.

Malachi 3:15

15 Therfore maye we saye, that the proude are happie, and that they which deale with vngodlynesse, are set vp: for they tempte God, and yet escape.

Acts 5:9

9 Peter sayde vnto her: Why haue ye agreed together, to tempte the sprete of the LORDE? Beholde, the fete of the which haue buried thy hussbande, are at the dore, & shal carye the out.

1 Corinthians 10:9

9 Nether let vs tempte Christ, as some of them tempted him, and were destroyed of serpetes.

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