Isaiah 50:2 Cross References - Coverdale

2 For why wolde no ma receaue me, when I came? & when I called, no man gaue me answere. Was my hode clene smyte of, that it might not helpe? or, had I not power to delyuer? lo, at a worde I drike vp the see, & of water floudes I make drie lode: so yt for want of water, the fish corruppe, and die of thurst.

Genesis 18:14

14 Shulde eny soch thinge be to harde for the LORDE? Aboute this tyme (yf I lyue) I wil come to the agayne, & Sara shal haue a sonne.

Exodus 7:18

18 so that the fishes in the ryuer shall dye, & the ryuer shall stynke: & it shall greue the Egipcians to drynke of ye water of the ryuer.

Exodus 7:21

21 & the fysh in the ryuer dyed, & the ryuer stanke, so yt the Egipcians coulde not drynke of the water of ye ryuer, & there was bloude in all the lande of Egipte.

Exodus 14:21

21 Wha Moses now stretched forth his hade ouer ye see, the LORDE caused it to passe awaye thorow a mightie eastwynde all that night, and made the see drye, and ye water deuyded it self a sunder.

Exodus 14:29

29 But the children of Israel wente drye thorow ye myddest of the see, and the water was vnto them as a wall vpon their right hande and vpon their lefte.

Numbers 11:23

23 The LORDE sayde vnto Moses: Is the LORDES hande shortened then? But now shalt thou se, whether my wordes shall be fulfilled in dede, or no?

Joshua 3:16

16 then the water that came downe fro aboue, stode straight vp vpon one heape, very farre from the cite of Adom, that lyeth on the syde of Zarthan: But the water that ranne downe to the see (euen to the salt see) fell awaye, and decreased. So ye people wente thorow ouer agaynst Iericho.

2 Chronicles 32:15

15 Therfore let not Ezechias now disceaue you, and let him not persuade you eny soch thinge, and beleue him not. For yf no god of all the Heythe and kyngdomes might delyuer his people fro my hande and from the hande of my progenitours, then shal not youre goddes be able to delyuer you fro my hande.

Psalms 106:9

9 He rebuked the reed see, and it was dried vp: so he led the thorow the depe as in a wildernesse.

Psalms 107:33

33 Which turneth the floudes in to drie londe, and drieth vp the water sprynges.

Psalms 114:3-7

3 The see sawe that, and fled, Iordan turned backe. 4 The mountaynes skipped like rammes, & the litle hilles like yonge shepe. 5 What ayled the (o thou see) that thou fleddest? and thou Iordan, that thou turnedest backe? 6 Ye mountaynes, that ye skipped like rammes? and ye litle hilles, like yonge shepe? 7 The earth trembled at the presence of the LORDE, at the presence of the God of Iacob.

Proverbs 1:24

24 Seinge then that I haue called, and ye refused it: I haue stretched out my honde, and no ma regarded it,

Isaiah 19:5

5 The water of the see shalbe drawe out, Nilus shal synke awaye, & be dronke vp.

Isaiah 36:20

20 Or which of all the goddes of the lodes, hath deliuered their countre out of my power, so that the LORDE shulde delyuer Ierusalem fro my honde?

Isaiah 41:28

28 But when I cosidre: there is not one amonge the yt prophecieth, nether (when I axe him) yt answereth one worde.

Isaiah 42:15

15 I wil make waist both mountayne & hill, & drie vp euery grene thinge, that groweth theron. I wil drie vp the floudes of water, & drinke vp the ryuers.

Isaiah 43:16

16 Morouer, thus saieth the LORDE (Euen he that maketh a waye in the see, and a footpath in the mightie waters:

Isaiah 51:10

10 Art not thou he, that hast wounded that proude lucifer, and hewen the dragon in peces? Art not thou euen he, which hast dried vp the depe of the see, which hast made playne the see grounde, that the delyuered might go thorow?

Isaiah 59:1

1 Beholde the LORDES honde is not so shortened yt it can not helpe, nether is his eare so stopped yt it maye not heare.

Isaiah 59:16

16 He sawe also, that there was no man, which had pitie therof, or was greued at it. And he helde him by his owne power, and cleued to his owne rightuousnes.

Isaiah 63:13

13 how he led them in the depe, as an horse is led in the playne, that they shulde not stomble.

Isaiah 65:12

12 Therfore wil I nombre you with the swerde, that ye shall be destroyed all together. For when I called, no man gaue me answere: when I spake, ye herkened not vnto me, but dyd wickednes before myne eyes, and chosed the thinge that pleased me not.

Isaiah 66:4

4 Therfore wil I also haue pleasure in laughinge them to scorne, and the thinge that they feare, wil I bringe vpon the. For when I called, no man gaue answere: when I spake, they wolde not heare: But dyd wickednesse before myne eyes, & chose the thinges that displease me.

Jeremiah 5:1

1 Loke thorow Ierusalem, beholde and se: Seke thorow hir stretes also within, yf ye can fynde one man, that doth equall and right, or that laboureth to be faithfull: and I shall spare him (saieth the LORDE)

Jeremiah 7:13

13 And now, though ye haue done all these dedes (saieth the LORDE) and I my self rose vp euer by tymes to warne you and to comon with you: yet wolde ye not heare me: I called, ye wolde not answere.

Jeremiah 8:6

6 For I haue loked, and considered: but there is no ma, that speaketh a good worde: there is no man, that taketh repetaunce for his synne, that will so moch as saye: wherfore haue I done this? But euery man (as soone as he is turned backe) runneth forth still, like a wilde horse in a battayl.

Jeremiah 35:15

15 Yee I haue sent my seruautes, all the prophetes vnto you, I rose vp early, & sent you worde, sayenge: O turne you, euery man from his wicked waye: amede yor lyues, & go not after strauge goddes, to worshippe the: yt ye maye cotinue in the lode, which I haue geuen vnto you and youre fathers, but ye wolde nether heare me, ner folowe me.

Daniel 3:15

15 wel, be redy herafter, when ye heare the noyse of the tropettes, blowne with the harpes, shawmes, psalteries, symphonies and all ye other melodies: that ye fall downe, and worshipe the ymage which I haue made. But yff ye worshipe it not, ye shal be cast immediatly in to an hote burnynge ouen. Let se, what god is there, yt maye delyuer you out of my hondes?

Daniel 3:29

29 Therfore I wil and commaude, that all people, kynreddes & tunges, which speake eny blasphemy agaynst the God of Sydrac, Misac and Abdenago, shal dye, and their houses shalbe prysed: Because, there is no God yt maye sane, as this.

Daniel 6:20

20 Now as he came nye vnto ye dene, he cried wt a piteous voyce vnto Daniel: Yee ye kige spake, and sayde vnto Daniel: O Daniel, thou seruaunt off the lyuynge God, Is not thy God (whom thou allwaye seruest) able to delyuer the from the lyons?

Daniel 6:27

27 It is he that delyuereth, and saueth: he doth wonders and maruelous workes, in heauen and in earth: he hath preserued. Daniel from the power of the lyons.

Hosea 11:2

2 But ye more they were called, the more they wente backe: offerynge vnto Idols, and censynge ymages.

Hosea 11:7

7 My people hath no lust to turne vnto me, their prophetes laye the yocke vpon the, but they ease them not of their burthen.

Nahum 1:4

4 Whe he reproueth the see, he dryeth it vp, & turneth all the floudes to drye londe. Basan is desolate, Charmel and the pleasure of Libanus waisteth awaye.

Mark 4:39

39 And he arose, and rebuked ye wynde, and sayde vnto the see: Peace, and be styll, And the wynde was layed, & there folowed a greate calme.

John 1:11

11 He came in to his awne, and his awne receaued him not.

John 3:19

19 But this is ye codempnacion, that the light is come in to the worlde, and men loued the darknesse more the ye light: for their workes were euell.

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