Isaiah 24:10 Cross References - Coverdale

10 the wicked cities shalbe broken downe, all houses shalbe shut, that no man maye come in.

Genesis 11:9

9 Therfore is it called Babell, because the LORDE cofounded there the language of all the worlde, and from thece scatred them abrode in to all londes.

2 Kings 25:4

4 And the cite was broken vp, & all the men of warre fled in the night by the waye of the porte betwene the two walles, which goeth to the kynges garde. But the Caldees laye aboute the cite. And he fled by the waye to the playne felde.

2 Kings 25:9-10

9 and brent ye house of the LORDE, and the kynges house, & all the houses at Ierusalem, and all the greate houses brent he with fyre. 10 And all the power of the Caldees which was with the chefe captayne, brake downe the walles rounde aboute Ierusalem.

Isaiah 23:1

1 An heuy burthen vpon Tirus. Mourne ye shippes of Tharsis, for she is throwne downe to the grounde, and conquered of them, that are come from Cithim.

Isaiah 24:12

12 Desolacion shal remayne in the cities, and the gates shalbe smytten with waistnesse.

Isaiah 25:2

2 Thou makest of townes, heapes of stone: and of head cities, broken walles: The palaces of the wicked destroyest thou out of the citie, that they shal neuer be buylded againe.

Isaiah 27:10

10 The stronge cities shalbe desolate, and ye fayre cities shalbe left like a wildernes. The catel shal fede and lie there, and the shepe shal eate it vp.

Isaiah 32:14

14 The palaces also shalbe broken, and the greatly occupide cities desolate. The towers and bulwerckes shalbe become dennes for euermore, the pleasure of Mules shalbe turned to pasture for shepe:

Isaiah 34:11

11 But Pellicanes, Storkes, great Oules, and Rauens shall haue it in possession, & dwell therein. For God shal sprede out the lyne of desolacion vpon it, & weye it with the stones of emptynes.

Isaiah 34:13-15

13 Thornes shal growe in their palaces, nettels & thistles in their stronge holdes, yt the dragons maye haue their pleasure therin, & that they maye be a courte for Estriches. 14 There shal straunge visures and monstruous beastes mete one another, & the wylde kepe company together. There shal the lamia lye, & haue hir lodginge. 15 There shall the hedghogge buylde, digge, be there at home, and bringe forth his yongeones. There shal the kytes come together, ech one to his like.

Jeremiah 9:25-26

25 Beholde, the tyme cometh (saieth the LORDE) that I wil vyset all them, whose foreskynne is vncircumcised: 26 The Egipcians, the Iewes, the Edomites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, and the shauen Madianites, that dwel in the wildernes. For all ye Gentiles are vncircumcised in the flesh, but all the house of Israel, are vncircumcised in the herte.

Jeremiah 39:4

4 And when Sedechias the kynge of Iuda with his soudyers sawe them, they fled, and departed out of ye cite by night thorow the kynges garde, and thorow the porte that is betwene the two walles, and so they wente towarde the wildernesse.

Jeremiah 39:8

8 Morouer, the Caldees bret vp the kynges palace, with ye other houses of the people, and brake downe the walles off Ierusalem.

Jeremiah 52:7

7 So all the souldyers brake awaye, and fled out of the cite by night, thorow the waye of the porte betwene the two walles by the kynges garden. Now ye Caldees had copassed the cite rounde aboute, yet wente these men their waye towarde the wildernesse.

Jeremiah 52:13-14

13 & brent vp the house of the LORDE. He brent vp also the kinges palace, all the houses & all the gorgeous buyldinges in Ierusale. 14 And the whole hoost of the Caldees yt were with the chefe captayne, brake downe all the walles of Ierusalem rounde aboute.

Micah 2:13

13 Who so breaketh the gappe, he shall go before. They shall breake vp the porte, and go in and out at it. Their kynge shall go before them, and the LORDE shalbe vpon the heade of them.

Micah 3:12

12 Therfore shal Sion (for youre sakes) be plowed like a felde: Ierusale shall become an heape of stones, and the hill of ye temple shal be turned to an hye wodde.

Matthew 23:34-35

34 Therfore beholde, I sende vnto you prophetes and wysemen, and scrybes, and some of them shal ye kyll and crucifye, and some of them shal ye scourge in youre synagoges, and persecute them from cite to cite: 35 that vpon you maye come all the righteous bloude which hath bene shed vpon ye earth, from the bloude of righteous Abel, vnto ye bloude of Zachary ye sonne of Barachias, whom ye slew betwene the temple and the altare.

Luke 19:43

43 For the tyme shal come vpon the, that thine enimies shal cast vp a bake aboute the, and aboute thy children with the, and besege ye, and kepe the in on euery syde,

Luke 21:24

24 and they shal fall thorow the edge of the swerde, and be led captyue amoge all nacions. And Ierusale shalbe troden downe of the Heithen, vntyll the tyme of the Heithen be fulfilled.

Revelation 11:7-8

7 And when they haue fynisshed their testimony, the beest that cam out of the bottomlesse pytt, shal make warre agaynst the, and shal ouer come them, and kyll the. 8 And their bodies shal lye in the stretes of the greate cite, which spiritually is called zodom and Egypte, where oure LORDE is crucified.

Revelation 17:5-6

5 And in her forhed was a name wrytte, a mistery; greate Babilon the mother of whordome, and abominacios of the earth. 6 And I sawe the wyfe dronke with the bloude of sayntes, and with the bloud of the witnesses of Iesu. And when I sawe her, I wondred with greate mervayle.

Revelation 18:2

2 And he cryed mightely with a stronge voyce, sayenge: She is fallen, she is fallen, euen greate Babilon, and is become the habitacion of deuels, and ye holde of all fowle spretes, and a cage of all vncleane and hatefull byrdes:

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