Isaiah 20:1 Cross References - Coverdale

1 The same yeare that Harthan came to Aschod, where Sarge the kinge of the Assirians sent him, what tyme as he also beseged Aschdod, & wane it ye same season:

1 Samuel 5:1

1 As for the Arke of God, the Philistynes toke it and broughte it from the stone of helpe vnto A dod

1 Samuel 6:17

17 These are the golden diseases, that the Philistynes offred for a trespace offerynge vnto the LORDE: Asdod one, Gasa one: Ascalon one, Gath one, and Ekron one:

2 Kings 18:17

17 And the kynge of Assiria sent Thartan, and the chefe chamberlayne, & the chefe butler from Lachis to kynge Ezechias with a greate power vnto Ierusalem. And they wete vp: and whan they came there, they stode styll at the condyte by the ouer pole, which lyeth in the waye vpo the fullers londe,

Jeremiah 25:20

20 and all kinges of the londe of Hus, all kinges of the Philistynes londe, Ascalon, Gaza, Accaron & the remnaunt of A?dod,

Jeremiah 25:29-30

29 For lo, I begynne to plage the cite, that my name is geuen vnto: thynke ye then, that I will leaue you vnpunyshed? Ye shall not go quyte. For why, I call for a swearde vpo all the inhabitours of the earth, saieth the LORDE of hoostes. 30 Therfore tell them all these wordes, and saye vnto them: The LORDE shal crie from aboue, and let his voyce be herde from his holy habitacion. With a greate noyse shall he crie from his courte regall. He shal geue a greate voyce (like the grape gatherers) and the sounde thereof shalbe herde vnto the endes of the worlde.

Amos 1:8

8 I wil rote out the yt dwell at Asdod & him yt holdeth the scepter of Ascalon, and stretch out myne honde ouer Accaron, that the remnaunt of the Philistines shal perish saieth the LORDE.

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