Isaiah 11:12 Cross References - Coverdale

12 And he shal set vp a toke amonge the Gentiles, and gather together ye dispersed of Israel, yee and the outcastes of Iuda from the foure corners of ye worlde.

Deuteronomy 32:26

26 I wyll saye: Where are they? I shall make their remembraunce to ceasse from amonge men.

Psalms 68:22

22 The LORDE hath sayde: some wil I bringe agayne from Basan, some wil I bringe agayne fro the depe of the see.

Psalms 147:2

2 The LORDE shal buylde vp Ierusale, & gather together ye outcastes of Israel.

Isaiah 11:10

10 Then shal the Gentiles enquere after the rote of Iesse (which shalbe set vp for a token vnto the Gentiles) for his dwellinge shalbe glorious.

Isaiah 18:3

3 Yee all ye yt syt in the compasse of the worlde, and dwell vpon the earth: when the token shalbe geuen vpo the mountaynes, then loke vp: and when the horne bloweth, then herken to,

Isaiah 27:13

13 Then shal the greate trompet be blowen, so that those which haue bene destroyed in the Assirians londe, and those that be scatred abrode in Egipte: shal come & worshipe the LORDE at Ierusale, vpo the holy mount.

Isaiah 43:6

6 I wil saye to the north: let go. And to the south, kepe not backe: But bringe me my sonnes from farre, and my doughters from the endes of the worlde:

Isaiah 49:11-12

11 I will make wayes vpon all my mountaynes, and my fote pathes shalbe exalted. 12 And beholde, they shal come from farre: lo, some from the north and west, some from the south.

Isaiah 56:8

8 Thus saieth the LORDE God which gathereth together the scatred of Israel: I wil bringe yet another cogregacion to him.

Isaiah 59:19

19 wherthorow the name of the LORDE might be feared, from the risynge of the Sone: and his magesty, vnto the goinge downe of the same. For he shal come as a violent waterstreame, which the wynde of the LORDE hath moued.

Isaiah 62:10

10 Stode back, & departe a sunder, ye yt stonde vnder ye gate, make rowme ye people, repayre the strete, & take awaye ye stones, & set out a toke for the people.

Zephaniah 3:10

10 Soch as I haue subdued, and my children also whom I haue scatred abrode, shal brynge me presentes beyonde the waters of Ethiopia.

Zechariah 10:6

6 I wil coforte the house of Iuda, and preserue the house of Ioseph. I wil turne them also, for I pytie them: and they shal be like as they were, when I had not cast them of. For I the LORDE am their God, and wil heare them.

John 7:35

35 Then sayde the Iewes amonge them selues: Whyther wil he go, that we shal not fynde him? Wyl he go amoge the Grekes that are scatred abrode, and teach the Grekes?

James 1:1

1 Iames the seruaunt of God and of the LORDE Iesus Christ, sendeth gretinge to the xij. trybes which are scatered here & there.

Revelation 5:9

9 and they songe a newe songe saynge: thou art worthy to take the boke & to ope the seales therof: for thou wast kylled, and hast redemed vs by thy bloud, out of all kynreddes, and toges, and people, and nacions,

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