Hosea 4:9 Cross References - Coverdale

9 Thus the prest is become like the people. Wherfore I will punysh them for their wicked wayes, & rewarde them acordinge to their owne ymaginacions.

Psalms 109:17-18

17 He clothed him self with cursynge like as with a rayment: yee it wente in to his bowels like water, and like oyle in to his bones. 18 Let it be vnto him as the cloke that he hath vpon him, and as the gyrdle that he is gyrded withall.

Proverbs 5:22

22 The wickednesses of the vngodly shal catch himself, and with the snares of his owne synnes shal he be trapped.

Isaiah 3:10

10 Then shal they saye: O happie are the godly, for they maye enioye the frutes of their studies.

Isaiah 9:14-16

14 Therfore the LORDE shal rote out of Israel both heade and tale, braunch and twygge in one daye. 15 By the heade, is vnderstonde the Senatoure and honorable man, and by ye tale, the prophet that preacheth lyes. 16 For all they which enfourme the people that they be in a right case, soch be disceauers. Soch as men thynke also to be perfecte amonge these, are but cast awaye.

Isaiah 24:2

2 Then shal the prest be as the people, the master as the seruaunt, the dame like the mayde, the seller like the byer, he that ledeth vpon vsury, like him yt boroweth vpo vsury, the creditoure, as the detter.

Jeremiah 5:31

31 The prophetes teach falsely, and the prestes folowe them, and my people hath pleasure therin. What will come therof at the last?

Jeremiah 8:10-12

10 Wherfore, I will geue their wynes vnto aleauntes, and their feldes to destroyers. For from the lowest vnto the hyest, they folowe all shamefull lucre: and from the prophet vnto the prest, they deale all with lies. 11 Neuertheles, they heale the hurte of my people with swete wordes, sayenge: peace, peace, where there is no peace at all. 12 Fye for shame, how abhominable thinges do they? And yet they be not ashamed, yee they knowe of no shame. Wherfore in the tyme of their visitacion, they shal fall amonge the deed bodies, saieth the LORDE.

Jeremiah 23:11-12

11 For the prophetes and the prestes them selues are poluted Ypocrytes, ad their wickednes haue I founde in my house, saieth the LORDE. 12 Wherfore, their waye shall be slippery in the darcknesse, where in they maye stacker and fall. For I will bringe a plage vpon them, euen the yeare of their visitacion, saieth the LORDE.

Ezekiel 22:26-31

26 Thy prestes breake my lawe, and defyle my Sanctuary. They put no dyfference betwene the holy and vnholy, nether discerne betwene the clene and vnclene: they turne their eyes fro my Sabbathes, and I am vnhalowed amonge them. 27 Thy rulers in the are like rauyshinge wolues, to shed bloude, and to destroye soules, for their owne covetous lucre. 28 As for thy prophetes, they dawbe with vntempered claye, they se vanities, and prophecie lies vnto them, sayenge: the LORDE God sayeth so, where as the LORDE hath not spoken 29 The people in the londe vseth wicked extorcio and robbery. They vexe the poore and nedy: and oppresse the straunger agaynst right. 30 And I sought in the londe for a man, that wolde make vp the hedge, and set him self in the gappe before me in the lodes behalfe, yt I shulde not vtterly destroye it: but I coude fynde none. 31 Therfore wil I poure out my cruell displeasure vpon them, and burne them in the fyre of my wrath: their owne wayes will I recompence vpo their heades, saieth the LORDE God.

Hosea 1:4

4 And the LORDE sayde vnto him: call his name Iesrael, for I wil shortly auenge the bloude of Iesrael vpon the house of Iehu, and will bringe the kingdome of the house of Israel to an ende.

Hosea 8:13

13 Where as they do sacrifice, offeringe the flesh and eatinge it: the LORDE will haue no pleasure therin: but will remembre their wickednes, and punysh their synnes. Israel turneth agayne in to Egipte,

Hosea 9:9

9 They be gone to farre, & haue destroied the selues, like as they dyd afore tyme at Gabaa. Therfore their wickednes shal be remebred, and their synnes punyshed.

Zechariah 1:6

6 But dyd not my wordes & statutes (which I comaunded by my seruauntes ye prophetes) touch yor forefathers? Vpo this, they gaue answere & sayde: like as ye LORDE of hoostes deuysed to do vnto vs, acordinge to or owne wayes & ymaginacions, euen so hath he dealte with vs.

Matthew 15:14

14 Let the go, they are ye blynde leaders of ye blynde. Wha one blinde leadeth another, they fall both i ye diche.

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