Hebrews 9:20 Cross References - Coverdale

20 sayenge: This is the bloude of the Testament, which God hath appoynted vnto you.

Exodus 24:8

8 Moses toke the bloude, & sprenkled it vpon the people, & sayde: Beholde, this is ye bloude of the couenaunt that the LORDE maketh wt you vpon all these wordes.

Deuteronomy 29:12

12 that thou shuldest enter in to the couenaunt of the LORDE thy God, and in to the ooth which the LORDE thy God maketh with the this daye,

Joshua 9:6

6 and they wente vnto Iosua in to ye hoost at Gilgall, and sayde vnto him, and to euery man in Israel: We are come out of a farre countre, therfore make now a couenaunt wt vs.

Zechariah 9:11

11 Thou also thorow the bloude of thy couenaunt: shalt let thy presoners out of the pytte, wherin is no water.

Matthew 26:28

28 this is my bloude of the new testament, that shalbe shed for many for the remission of synnes.

Hebrews 13:20

20 The God of peace (that broughte agayue fro the deed oure LORDE Iesus the greate shepherde of the shepe thorow the bloude of the euerlastinge Testament)

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