Genesis 43:3 Cross References - Coverdale

3 The Iuda answered him, and sayde: The man sware vnto vs, and sayde: ye shal not se my face, excepte youre brother be with you.

Genesis 42:15-20

15 Here by wyll I proue you: By the life of Pharao ye shall not get hence, excepte youre yongest brother come hither. 16 Sende awaye one of you to fetch youre brother, but ye shalbe in preson. Thus wyll I trye out yor wordes, whether ye go aboute wt trueth or not: for els, by the life of Pharao ye are spyes. 17 And he put the together in warde thre dayes longe. 18 Vpon the thirde daye he sayde vnto the: Yf ye wil lyue, the do thus, for I feare God: 19 Yf ye be vnfayned, let one of youre brethren lye bounde in youre preson: but go ye youre waye, and cary home the necessary foode, 20 & brynge me youre yongest brother, so wyll I beleue youre wordes, that ye shall not dye. And so they dyd.

Genesis 42:33-34

33 He sayde: Hereby wyl I marke, that ye are vnfayned: Leaue one of youre brethren with me, & take foode necessary for youre houses, & go youre waye, 34 and brynge youre yongest brother vnto me: so shal I knowe that ye are no spyes, but vnfayned: the shal I delyuer you youre brother also, and ye maye occupie in the lande.

Genesis 43:5

5 But yf thou wilt not sende him, we wyl not go downe. For the man sayde vnto vs: Ye shal not se my face, excepte youre brother be with you.

Genesis 44:23

23 Then saydest thou vnto thy seruauntes: Yf youre yongest brother come not hither with you, ye shall se my face nomore.

2 Samuel 3:13

13 He sayde: Wel, I wyll make a couenaunt with the, but one thynge I desyre of the, that thou se not my face, excepte thou brynge me first Michol Sauls doughter, whan thou commest to se my face.

2 Samuel 14:24

24 But the kinge sayde: Let him go againe in to his house, and not se my face. Thus Absalom came agayne to his house, and sawe not ye kynges face.

2 Samuel 14:28

28 So Absalom abode two yeare at Ierusalem, and sawe not the kynges face.

2 Samuel 14:32

32 Absalo sayde vnto Ioab: Beholde, I sent for the, and caused to saye vnto the: Come hither, that I maye sende the to the kynge, and to saye: Wherfore came I from Gesur? It were better for me that I were there yet. Let me therfore se the kynges face. But yf there be eny trespace in me, then put me to death.

Acts 7:34

34 I haue well sene the trouble of my people in Egipte, and haue herde their gronynge, and am come downe to delyuer them. And now come, I wil sende the in to Egipte.

Acts 20:25

25 And now beholde, I knowe that ye shal se my face nomore, all ye, thorow whom I haue gone, and preached the kyngdome of God.

Acts 20:38

38 and were sory, most of all because of the worde which he had sayde, that they shulde se his face nomore. And they accopanied him vnto the shippe.

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