Genesis 36:24 Cross References - Coverdale

24 The childre of Zibeo were: Aia & Ana. This is the same Ana yt foude Mules in ye wyldernes, wha he kepte his fathers Zibeons Asses.

Leviticus 19:19

19 My statutes shal ye kepe, that thou let not yi catell gendre with beestes of another kynde: nether sowe thy felde with myngled sede. And let no garment come vpon the, yt is mixte with wollen and lynnen.

Deuteronomy 2:10

10 For Ar haue I geuen vnto the children of Lot in possession. The Emims dwelt there before tyme, which were a greate stronge people, & hye of stature, as the Enakims:

2 Samuel 13:29

29 So Absaloms yonge men dyd vnto Ammon, as Absalom had commaunded them. Then stode all the kynges children vp, and euery one gat him vp vpo his Mule, and fled.

2 Samuel 18:9

9 And Absalom met Dauids seruauntes, and rode vpon a Mule. And whan the Mule came vnder a greate thicke Oke tre, his heade toke holde on the Oke, and so hanged he betwene heauen and earth, but the Mule ranne awaye from vnder him.

1 Kings 1:38

38 Then wente they downe, the prest Sadoc and the prophet Nathan, and Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, and the Chrethians, & Plethians, & set Salomon vpon kynge Dauids Mule, & broughte him to Gihon.

1 Kings 1:44

44 and hath sent with him Sadoc the prest, and the propheth Nathan, and Benaia the sonne of Ioiada, and the Chrethians and Plethians, and they haue set him vpon the kynges Mule:

1 Kings 4:28

28 Barlye also & strawe for the horses and coursers, & broughte them vnto the place where ye kynge was, euery one after his charge.

Zechariah 14:15

15 And so shal this plage go ouer horses, mules camels, asses and all the beastes that shall be in the hooste, like as yonder plage was.

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