Genesis 30:6 Cross References - Coverdale

6 Then sayde Rachel: God hath geuen sentence on my syde, and herde my voyce, and geue me a sonne, therfore called she him Dan.

Genesis 29:32-35

32 And Lea coceaued, and bare a sonne, whom she called Ruben, and sayde: The LORDE hath loked vpon my aduersite. Now wyll my husbande loue me. 33 And she conceaued agayne, and bare a sonne, and sayde: The LORDE hath herde that I am despysed, and hath geue me this also, and she called him Symeon. 34 She coceaued yet agayne, and bare a sonne, and sayde: Now wyll my husbande kepe me company agayne, for I haue borne him thre sonnes, therfore called she his name Leui. 35 She conceaued ye fourth tyme, and bare a sonne, and sayde: Now wyll I geue thankes vnto the LORDE, therfore called she him Iuda, and left bearynge.

Genesis 35:25

25 The sonnes of Bilha Raches mayde: Dan, and Nepthali.

Genesis 46:23

23 The children of Dan: Husim.

Genesis 49:16-17

16 Dan shal be iudge in his people, as well as a trybe in Israel. 17 Dan shalbe a serpent in the waye, and an edder in the path, and byte the horse in the heles, that his ryder maye fall backwarde.

Deuteronomy 33:22

22 And to Dan he sayde: Dan a yonge lyon, he shal flowe from Basan.

Psalms 35:24

24 Iudge me (o LORDE my God) acordinge to thy rightuousnesse, yt they triuphe not ouer me.

Psalms 43:1

1 Geue sentence vpon me (o God) & defende my cause agaynst the vnholy people: Oh delyuer me from the disceatfull & wicked man.

Jeremiah 13:2

2 Then I got me a brech, acordinge to the commaundemet of the LORDE, and put it aboute my loynes.

Jeremiah 13:24

24 Therfore will I scatre you, lyke as ye stobble that is take awaye with ye south wynde.

Jeremiah 15:14-20

14 And I wil brige you with youre enemies in to a londe, yt ye knowe not: for the fyre that is kyndled in my indignacion, shal burne you vp. 15 O LORDE (sayde I then) thou knowest all thinges, therfore remembre me, ad viset me, delyuer me fro my persecuters: Receaue not my cause in yi loge wrath, yet thou knowest, that for thy sake I suffre rebuke. 16 When I had founde thy wordes, I at them vp gredely: they haue made my hert ioyfull & glad. For I call vpon thy name, o LORDE God off hoostes. 17 I dwell not amonge the scorners, nether is my delyte therin: but I dwell only in the feare of thy honde, for thou hast fylled me with bytternes. 18 Shall my heuynes endure for euer? Are my plages then so greate, yt they maye neuer be healed? Wilt thou be as a water, that falleth, and can not contynue? 19 Vpon these wordes, thus sayde the LORDE vnto me: Yf thou wilt turne agayne, I shal set the in my seruyce: and yf thou wilt take out the thinge that is precious from the vyle, thou shalt be euen as myne owne mouth. They shal conuerte vnto the, but turne not thou vnto the: 20 and so shal I make the a stroge wall of stele agaynst this people. They shal fight agaynst the, but they shal not preuayle. For I myself will be with the, to helpe the, and delyuer the, saieth the LORDE.

Lamentations 3:59

59 O LORDE, thou hast sene my blasphemers, take thou my cause vpon the.

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