Ezra 9:13 Cross References - Coverdale

13 And after all this that is come vpon vs (because of oure euell dedes and greate trespace) thou oure God hast spared oure wickednesses, and hast geuen vs a delyueraunce as it is come to passe.

Ezra 9:6-8

6 and sayde: My God, I am ashamed, and darre not lifte vp mine eies vnto the my God: for oure wickednesses are growne ouer oure heade, & oure trespaces are waxen greate vnto ye heaue. 7 Sence the tyme of oure fathers haue we bene in greate trespace vnto this daie, and because of oure wickednesses haue we and or kynges bene delyuered in to the hande of ye kynges of the nacions, in to the swerde, in to captiuyte, in to spoyle, and in to confusion of face, as it is come to passe this daye. 8 But now is there a litle and sodane graciousnes come from the LORDE oure God, so that some of vs are escaped, that he maie geue vs a nayle in his holy place, that oure God maye lighte oure eyes, and geue vs a litle lyfe in oure bondage.

Nehemiah 9:32

32 Now oure God, thou greate God, mightie and terrible, thou that kepest couenaunt and mercy, regarde not a litle all the trauayle yt hath happened vnto vs, & oure kynges, prynces, prestes, prophetes, fathers & all thy people, sence the tyme of the kynges of Assur vnto this daie.

Job 11:6

6 that he might shewe the (out of his secrete wy?dome) how manyfolde his lawe is: then shuldest thou knowe, that God had forgotten the, because of thy synnes.

Psalms 103:10

10 He hath not dealt with vs after oure synnes, ner rewarded vs acordinge to oure wickednesses.

Psalms 106:45-46

45 He thought vpo his couenaunt, and pitied the, acordinge vnto the multitude of his mercies. 46 Yee he made all those yt had led them awaye captiue, to pitie them.

Lamentations 3:22

22 Namely, that the mercies of the LORDE are not clene gone, & that his louynge kyndnesse ceasseth not.

Lamentations 3:39-40

39 Wherfore them murmureth the lyuinge man? let him murmoure at his owne synne, 40 Let vs loke well vpon oure owne waies, & remembre oure selues, and turne agayne to ye LORDE.

Ezekiel 24:13-14

13 Thy filthinesse is abhominable, for I wolde haue clensed the, but thou woldest not be clensed. Thou canst not be pourged from thine vnclennesse, till I haue poured my wrothfull indignacion vpon the. 14 Euen I the LORDE haue so deuysed: Yee it is come therto allredy, that I will do it. I will not go backe, I will not spare, I wil not be intreated: but acordinge to thy wayes ad ymaginacions, thou shalt be punyshed, saieth the LORDE God.

Habakkuk 3:2

2 O Lorde, when I herde speake of ye, I was afrayed. The worke yt thou hast taken in honde, shalt thou perfourme in his tyme, O LORDE: and when thy tyme commeth, thou shalt declare it. In thy very wrath thou thinkest vpon mercy.

Galatians 3:4

4 Haue ye suffred so moch in vayne? Yf it be els in vayne.

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