Ezra 2:29 Cross References - Coverdale

29 the childre of Nebo, two and fyftye:

Numbers 32:3

3 The londe of Atroth, Dibon, Iaesar, Nimra, He?bo, Eleale, Seban, Nebo, & Beon,

Deuteronomy 32:49

49 Get the vp to this mount Abarim, vpon mount Nebo, which lyeth in ye londe of the Moabites ouer agaynst Iericho, & beholde the londe of Canaan, which I shall geue vnto the children of Israel in possessio.

Nehemiah 7:33

33 the men of Nebo, an hundreth and two and fiftye:

Isaiah 15:2

2 They wete to Baith and Dibon in the hie places, for to wepe: Moab did mourne fro Nebo to Medba: All their heades were colled, and al their beardes shauen.

Jeremiah 48:1

1 Thus saieth ye LORDE off hoostes ye God of Israel against Moab: Wo be to ye cite of Nebo, for it shal be layed waist, brought to confucion and taken. Yee ye stroge cite of Cariatharim shalbe brought to shame, and afrayed:

Jeremiah 48:22

22 and Dibo, vpon Nebo and the house of Diplathaim,

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