Ezekiel 9:2 Cross References - Coverdale

2 Then came there sixe men out of the strete of the vpper porte towarde the north, and euery man a weapen in his honde to the slaughter. There was one amongst them, that had on him a lynninge rayment, and a wryters ynckhorne by his syde. These wente in, and stode beside the brasen aulter:

Exodus 27:1-7

1 And thou shalt make an altare of Firre tre, fyue cubytes longe & brode, yt it maye be foure square, & thre cubytes hye: 2 thou shalt make hornes vpon the foure corners of it, & shalt ouer laye it with brasse. 3 Make ashpanes, shouels, basens, fleshokes, cole panes. All ye apparell therof shalt thou make of brasse. 4 Thou shalt make a gredyron also like a nett, of brase, & foure brasen rynges vpon the foure corners of it: 5 from vnder vp aboute the altare shalt thou make it, so that the gredyron reach vnto ye myddest of the altare. 6 Thou shalt make staues also for the altare, of Fyrre tre, ouer layed with golde, 7 and shalt put the staues in the rynges, that the staues maye be on both the sydes of ye altare, to beare it withall.

Exodus 40:29

29 As for the altare of burntofferynges, he set it before the dore of the Habitacion of ye Tabernacle of wytnesse, and offred burntofferynges and meateofferynges theron, as the LORDE commaunded him.

Leviticus 16:4

4 and shal put on the holy lynnen albe, and haue lynnen breches vpon his flesh, and gyrde him with a lynne girdell, and haue the lynnen myter vpon his heade.For these are ye holy garmentes: & he shal bathe his flesh with water, & put them on:

2 Kings 15:35

35 sauynge that he put not downe the hye places: for the people offred & brent incense yet vpon the hye places. He buylded the hye porte of the house of the LORDE.

2 Chronicles 4:1

1 He made a brasen altare also, twentye cubytes longe, and twentye cubytes brode, and ten cubites hye.

2 Chronicles 27:3

3 He buylded the hye porte of the house of ye LORDE, and on the wall of Ophel buylded he moch,

Jeremiah 1:15

15 For lo, I will call all the officers of the kyngdomes of the north, (saieth the LORDE.) And they shall come, and euery one shall set his seate in the gates of Ierusalem, and in all their walles rounde aboute, and thorow all the cities of Iuda.

Jeremiah 5:15-17

15 Lo, I will bringe a people vpo you from farre, o house of Israel (saieth the LORDE) a mightie people, an olde people, a people whose speach thou knowest not, nether vnderstodest what they saye. 16 Their arowes are sodane death, yee they them selues be very giauntes. 17 This people shal eate vp thy frute & thy meate, yee they shal deuoure thy sonnes and thy doughters, thy shepe and thy bullockes. They shall eate vp thy grapes & fyges. As for thy stronge and well fensed cities, wherin thou didest trust, they shal destroye them with the swearde.

Jeremiah 8:16-17

16 Then shall the noyse of his horses be herde from Dan, the whole londe shall be afrayed at the neyege of his stronge horses: for they shal go in, and deuoure the londe, with all that is in it: the cities, and those that dwell therin. 17 Morouer, I will sende Cockatrices & serpetes amonge you (which will not be charmed) and they shal byte you, sayeth the LORDE.

Jeremiah 25:9

9 lo, I will sende out, & call for all the people, yt dwell in the north (saieth the LORDE) & wil prepayre Nabuchodonosor the kinge of Babilon my seruaunt, and wil bringe them vpon this londe, and vpon all yt dwell therein, & vpon all the people that are aboute them, and will vterly rote them out. I will make of them a wildernesse, a mockage, and a continuall deserte.

Jeremiah 26:10

10 And when all the people were gathered aboute Ieremy in the house of the LORDE, the prynces of Iuda herde of this rumoure, & they came soone out of the kinges Palace in to the house of the LORDE, and sat them downe before the new dore of the LORDE.

Ezekiel 10:2

2 Then sayde he that sat therin, to him that had the lynnynge rayment vpon him: Crepe in betwene the wheles that are vnder the Cherubins, and take thine honde full of hote coales out from betwene the Cherubins, and cast them ouer the cite. And he crepte in, that I might se.

Ezekiel 10:6-7

6 Now when he had bydden the man yt was clothed in lynnynge, to go and take the hote coales from the myddest of ye wheles, which were vnder the Cherubins: he wente and stode besyde the wheles. 7 Then the one Cherub reached forth this honde from vnder the Cherubins, vnto ye fyre that was betwene the Cherubins, and toke therof, and gaue it vnto him (that had on the lynnynge rayment) in his honde: which toke it, and wente out.

Revelation 15:6

6 and the seuen angelles came out of the temple, which had the seuen plages, clothed in pure and bryght lynne, and hauynge their brestes gyrded with golden gerdelles.

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