Ezekiel 45:18 Cross References - Coverdale

18 Thus sayeth ye LORDE God: The first daye of the first moneth thou shalt take a yoge bullocke without blemysh, and clense the Sanctuary.

Exodus 12:2

2 This moneth shal be with you ye first moneth & at it ye shall begynne the monethes of the yeare.

Leviticus 16:16

16 and so shal he reconcyle the Sactuary from the vnclennesse of the childre of Israel, and fro their trespaces in all their synnes. Thus shal he do vnto the Tabernacle of wytnesse, which is the habitacion with them amoge their vnclennesses.

Leviticus 16:33

33 so shal he recocyle the holy Sactuary, and the Tabernacle of wytnesse, and the altare, and ye prestes, and all the people of the congregacion.

Leviticus 22:20

20 What so euer hath eny blemish, shal they not offre, for they shal fynde no fauoure therwith.

Numbers 28:11-15

11 And on the first daye of youre monethes ye shal offre a burntofferynge vnto ye LORDE: two yonge bullockes, a ramme, seue lambes of a yeare olde without blemysh, 12 and all waye thre tenth deales of fyne floure for a meatofferynge myngled with oyle vnto euery bullocke: two tenth deales of fyne floure for a meatofferynge myngled with oyle vnto the ramme: 13 and a tenth deale of fyne floure for a meatofferynge myngled with oyle vnto euery lambe. This is the burntofferynge of a swete sauoure, a sacrifice unto ye LORDE. 14 And their drynkofferynges shalbe, half an Hin of wyne vnto euery bullocke, the thirde parte of an Hin to the ramme, ye fourth parte of an Hin to euery lambe. This is the burntofferynge of euery moneth in the yeare. 15 There shalbe offered an he goate also for a synofferynge vnto the LORDE, to the daylie burntofferynge with his drynkofferynge.

Ezekiel 43:22

22 The nexte daye, take a gootbuck without blemish for a synoffringe, to reconcile the aulter withall: like as it was reconciled with ye bullocke.

Ezekiel 43:26

26 Seuen dayes shal they reconcile and clense the aulter, & offre vpon it.

Matthew 6:33

33 Seke ye fyrst the kyngdome of heauen and the righteousnes therof, so shal all these thynges be ministred vnto you.

Hebrews 7:26

26 For it became vs to haue soch an hye prest as is holy, innocent, vndefyled, separate from synners, and made hyer then heauen:

Hebrews 9:14

14 How moch more shal the bloude of Christ (which thorow the eternall sprete offred him selfe without spot vnto God) pourge oure conscience from deed workes, for to serue the lyuynge God?

Hebrews 9:22-25

22 And allmost all thinges are pourged with bloude after the lawe: and without sheddynge of bloude is no remyssion. 23 It is necessary then, that the symilitude of heauenly thinges be purified with soche: but ye heauenly thinges themselues are purified with better sacrifices, then are those. 24 For Christ is not entred into the holy places yt are made with handes (which are but symilitudes of true thinges) but in to the very heauen, for to apeare now before the face of God for vs: 25 Not to offer himselfe offt as the hye prest entreth in to the holy place euery yeare with straunge bloude:

Hebrews 10:3-4

3 Neuertheles in those sacrifices there is made but a remembraunce of synnes euery yeare. 4 For it is vnpossible yt the bloude of oxen and of goates shulde take awaye synnes.

Hebrews 10:19-22

19 Seynge now brethre, that we haue a fre sure intraunce in to that Holy place, 20 by the bloude of Iesu (which he hath prepared vnto vs for a new and lyuynge waye, thorow the vayle, that is to saye, by his flesh) 21 and seynge also that we haue an hye prest ouer the house of God, 22 let vs drawe nye with a true hert in a full faith, sprenkled in oure hertes from an euell conscience, and washed in oure bodies with pure water:

1 Peter 1:19

19 but with the precious bloude of Christ, as of an innocet and vndefyled lambe,

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