Ezekiel 41:6 Cross References - Coverdale

6 and one stode harde vpo another, wherof there were xxxiij. And there stode postes beneth by the walles rounde aboute the house, to beare the vp: but in ye wall of ye house they were not fastened:

1 Kings 6:5-6

5 And rounde aboute by the wall of ye house he buylded a compase, so yt it wente both aboute the temple and the quere, and made his outwarde wall roude aboute. 6 The nethermost stacion was fyue cubytes wyde, and ye myddest sixe cubites wyde, and the thirde seuen cubites wyde. For he layed balkes rounde aboute the house, that they touched not ye wall of the house.

1 Kings 6:10

10 He buylded a galery also aboue vpon the whole house fyue cubytes hye, and couered the house with Ceder tymber.

Ezekiel 40:17

17 Then brought he me in to the fore courte, where as were chabres & paued workes, made in ye fore courte roude aboute: xxx chabres vpon one paued worcke.

1 Peter 1:5

5 that are kepte by the power of God thorow faith to saluacion, which is prepared all ready to be shewed in the last tyme:

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