Ezekiel 40:38 Cross References - Coverdale

38 There stode a chambre also, whose intrauce was at the dore pilers, and there the burntoffringes were wa?shed.

Leviticus 1:9

9 But ye bowels & legges shal be wasshen with water, and the prest shal burne alltogether vpon the altare for a burntsacrifice: this is an offerynge of a swete sauoure vnto the LORDE.

Leviticus 8:21

21 And wasshed the bowels and the legges with water, and so burnt ye whole ramme vpo the altare. This was a bruntofferynge for a swete sauoure, euen a sacrifice vnto the LORDE, as the LORDE commaunded him.

1 Kings 6:8

8 But on the righte syde of the myddes of the house there was a dore, so yt they might go vp to the myddest stacion by a turne grese, & from the myddest stacion vnto ye thirde.

2 Chronicles 4:6

6 And he made ten kettels, wherof he set fyue on the righte hande and fyue on the lefte, to wa?she in them soch thinges as belonged to the burntofferynge, that they mighte thrust them therin: but ye lauer (made he) for for the prestes to wash in.

Ezekiel 40:12

12 The edge before the chabres was one cubite brode vpo both the sydes, & the chambres six cubites wyde of either syde.

Ezekiel 40:17

17 Then brought he me in to the fore courte, where as were chabres & paued workes, made in ye fore courte roude aboute: xxx chabres vpon one paued worcke.

Ezekiel 41:10-11

10 Betwene the chambers, was the wydenes xx. cubites rounde aboute ye house. 11 The chambre dores stode ouer agaynst the outwall, the one dore was towarde the north, ye other towarde the south: and the thicknesse of the outwall was v cubites rounde aboute.

Ezekiel 42:13

13 Then sayde he vnto me: The chambers towarde the north & the south, which stode before the backe buyldinge: those be holy habitacions, wherin the prestes that do seruyce before the LORDE, must eate the most holy offringes: and there must they laye the most holy offringes: meatoffringes, synneoffringes & trespace offringes, for it is an holy place.

Hebrews 10:22

22 let vs drawe nye with a true hert in a full faith, sprenkled in oure hertes from an euell conscience, and washed in oure bodies with pure water:

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