Ezekiel 38:17 Cross References - Coverdale

17 Thus saieth the LORDE God: Thou art he, of whom I haue spoken aforetyme, by my seruauntes ye prophetes of Israel, which prophecied in those dayes & yeares, that I shulde bringe the vpon them.

Psalms 110:5-6

5 The LORDE vpon thy right honde, shal smyte euen kynges in the daye of his wrath. 6 He shal be iudge amoge the Heithen, he shal fyll them with deed bodies, and smyte in sonder the heades ouer dyuerse countres.

Isaiah 27:1

1 Then the LORDE with his heuye, great and loge swearde shal vyset Leuiatha, that invincible serpet: eue Leuiatha yt croked serpent, and shal slaye the Wallfish in ye see.

Isaiah 34:1-6

1 Come ye Heithen & heare, take hede ye people. Herke thou earth & all that is therin: thou rounde copasse & al that groweth thervpon: 2 for the LORDE is angrie with al people, & his displeasure is kindled agaynst all the multitude of them, to curse them, & to slaye them. 3 So that their slayne shalbe cast out, & their bodies stincke: that eue the very hilles shalbe wet with the bloude of them. 4 All the starres of heauen shalbe consumed, & the heauen shal folde together like a roll, & all the starres therof shall fall, like as the leaues fall from the vynes and fygetrees. 5 For my swearde (saieth he) shalbe bathed in heauen, & shal immediatly come downe vpon Idumea, and vpon the people which I haue cursed for my vengeaunce. 6 And the LORDES swearde shalbe full of bloude, & be rustie with the fatnesse & bloude of lambes and gootes, with the fatnesse of neeres of the wethers. For the LORDE shal kyl a great offringe in Bosra, and in the londe of Idumea.

Isaiah 63:1-6

1 What is he this, that cometh from Edom, with stayned reade clothes of Bosra: (which is so costly, cloth) & cometh in so neebly with all his stregth? I am he yt teacheth rightuousnes, & am of power to helpe. 2 Wherfore the is thy clothinge reade, & thy raymet like his yt treadeth in ye wyne presse? 3 I haue trodde the presse my self alone, & of all people, there was not one with me. Thus haue I trode downe myne enemies in my wrath, and set my fete vpo them in my indignacion: And their bloude sprange vpo my cloothes, & so haue I stayned all my rayment. 4 For the daye of vengeauce that I haue take in honde, & the yeare of my delyueraunce is come. 5 I loked aboute me, and there was no ma to shewe me eny helpe, I fel downe, and no man helde me vp. The I helde me by myne owne arme, & my feruetnesse susteyned me. 6 And thus haue I troden downe the people in my wrath, and bathed them in my displeasure: In so moch that I haue shed their bloude vpon the earth.

Isaiah 66:15-16

15 For beholde, the LORDE shal come wt fyre, and his charet shal be like a whyrlwynde, that he maye recompence his vengeaunce in his wrath, and his indignacion with the flame of fyre. 16 For ye LORDE shal iudge all flesh with the fyre and with his swerde, and there shalbe a greate nombre slayne of the LORDE.

Ezekiel 38:10-11

10 Morouer, thus saieth the LORDE God: At the same tyme shal many thinges come in to thy mynde, so that thou shalt ymagyn myschefe, 11 and saye: I wil vp to yonder playne londe, seinge they syt at ease, and dwell so safely (for they dwell all without eny walles, they haue nether barres nor dores)

Ezekiel 38:16

16 Yee thou shalt come vpon my people of Israel, as a cloude to couer the lode. This shal come to passe in the latter dayes: I wil bringe the vp in to my londe, that the Heithen maye knowe me, when I get me honoure vpon the (o Gog) before their eyes.

Daniel 11:40-45

40 In the latter tyme, shal the kinge of the south stryue with him: and the kinge of the north in like maner shall come agaynst him with charettes, horsmen & with a greate nauy of shippes. He shal come in to the londes, destroye and go thorow: 41 he shal entre also in to the fayre pleasaunt londe. Many cities & countrees shal decaye, excepte Edom, Moab & the best of the children of Ammon, which shal escape from his honde. 42 He shall stretch forth his hodes vpon the countrees, & the londe of Egipte shal not escape him. 43 For thorow his goinge in, he shal haue dominion ouer the treasures of syluer & golde, & ouer all the precious Iewels of Egipte, Lybia and Ethiopia. 44 Neuerthelesse the tydinges out of the east and the north shall trouble him, for the which cause he shal go forth to destroye & curse a greate multitude. 45 The tentes of his palace shall he pytch betwixte the two sees, vpon the hill of the noble sanctuary, for he shal come to the ende of it, and then shal no man helpe him.

Joel 3:9-14

9 Crie out these thinges amonge the Gentiles, proclame warre, wake vp the giauntes, let them drawe nye, let the come vp all the lusty warryours of the. 10 Make you sweardes of youre ploweshares, and speares of youre syckles & sythes. Let ye weake man saye: I am stronge. 11 Mustre you, and come, all ye Heithe roude aboute: gather you together, there shall the LORDE laye all thy giauntes to the grounde. 12 Let the people aryse, and get them to the valley of Iosaphat: for there wil I syt, and iudge all Heithe roude aboute. 13 Laye to youre sythes, for the haruest is rype: come, get you downe: the wynepresse is full, yee the wynepresses runne ouer, for their wickednesse is waxen greate. 14 In the valley appoynted, there shalbe many, many people: for the daye of the LORDE is nye in ye valley appoynted.

Zechariah 12:2-8

2 Beholde, I will make Ierusalem a cuppe of surfet, vnto all the people yt are rounde aboute her: Yee Iuda himself also shalbe in the sege agaynst Ierusalem. 3 At the same tyme will I make Ierusalem an heuy stone for all people, so that all soch as lift it vp, shalbe toarne and rete, and all the people of the earth shalbe gathered together agaynst it. 4 In that daye (sayeth ye LORDE) I wil make all horses abasshed, and those that ryde vpon them, to be out of their wyttes. I will open myne eyes vpon the house of Iuda, ad smyte all the horses of the people with blyndnesse. 5 And the prynces of Iuda shall saye in their hertes: The inhabiters off Ierusalem shall geue me consolacion in the LORDE off hoostes their God. 6 In that tyme will I make the prynces of Iuda like an hote burnynge ouen with wodd, and like a cresshet off fyre amonge the strawe: so that they shal cosume all the people roude aboute them, both vpon the right honde and the left. Ierusale also shalbe inhabited agayne: namely, in the same place where Ierusalem stondeth. 7 The LORDE shall preserue the tentes off Iuda like as afore tyme: so that the glory of the house of Dauid and the glory of the cytesyns of Ierusalem, shalbe but litle regarded, in comparison off the glory off Iuda. 8 In that daye shall the LORDE defende the citesyns of Ierusalem: so that the weakest then amonge them shalbe as Dauid: and the house of Dauid shalbe like as Gods house, and as the angell off the LORDE before them.

Zechariah 14:1-21

1 Beholde, the daye of the LORDE cometh, that thou shalt be spoyled and robbed: 2 for I wil gather together all the Heithen, to fight agaynst Ierusalem: so that the cite shalbe wonne, the houses spoyled, and the women defyled. The half of the cite shal go awaye in to captiuyte, and the residue of the people shal not be caried out of the cite. 3 After that shall the LORDE go forth to fight agaynst those Heithen, as men vse to fight in the daye of batell. 4 The shall his fete stode vpo the mount oliuete, that lieth vpon the east syde of Ierusale. And ye mount olyuete shal cleue in two, eastwarde, & westwarde so yt there shal be a greate valley: & the halff mount shal remoue towarde the north, and the other half towarde the south. 5 And ye shall fle vnto the valley of my hilles, for the valley off the hylles shal reach vnto Asal. Yee fle shall ye. like as ye fled for the earthquake in the dayes off Osias kynge of Iuda. And the LORDE my God shal come, and all sanctes with him. 6 In that daye shal it not be light, but colde and frost. 7 This shalbe that specyall daye, which is knowne vnto the LORDE: nether daye ner night, but aboute the euenynge tyme it shalbe light. 8 In that tyme shall there waters of life runne out from Ierusalem: the half parte of them towarde the east see, ad the other half towarde the vttemost see, and shall continue both somer and wynter. 9 And the LORDE himself shalbe kynge ouer all the earth. At that tyme shal there be one LORDE only, and his name shalbe but one. 10 Men shal go aboute the whole earth, as vpon a felde: from Gibea to Remmon, and from ye south to Ierusalem. She shalbe set vp, and inhabited in hir place: From BenIamins porte, vnto the place of the first porte, and vnto ye corner porte: and from the tower of Hanael, vnto the kynges wyne presses. 11 There shall men dwell, and there shal be nomore cursinge, but Ierusalem shalbe safely inhabited. 12 This shalbe the plage, wherwith ye LORDE wil smyte all people, that haue fought agaynst Ierusalem: Namely, their flesh shall consume awaye, though they stonde vpon their fete: their eyes shall corruppe in their holes, and their tunge shal consume in their mouth. 13 In that daye shall the LORDE make a greate sedicion amoge them, so that one ma shal take another by the honde, and laye his hondes vpon the hondes of his neghboure. 14 Iuda shal fight also agaynst Ierusalem, ad the goodes of all the Heithen shalbe gathered together rounde aboute: golde and syluer and a very greate multitude off clothes. 15 And so shal this plage go ouer horses, mules camels, asses and all the beastes that shall be in the hooste, like as yonder plage was. 16 Euery one that remayueth then of all ye people, which came agaynst Ierusalem, shal go vp yearly, to worshipe the kynge (euen ye LORDE of hoostes) and to kepe the feast off tabernacles. 17 And loke what generacion vpon earth goeth not vp to Ierusalem, for to worshipe the kynge (euen the LORDE of hoostes) vpon the same shal come no rayne. 18 Yff the kynred of Egipte go not vp & come not, it shall not rayne vpon them nether. This shalbe the plage wherwith ye LORDE wil smyte all Heithen, that come not vp to kepe the feast of tabernacles: 19 Yee this shalbe the synneplage of Egipte and the synneplage of all people, that go not vp to kepe the feast of tabernacles. 20 At that tyme shal the rydinge geer of ye horses be holy vnto the LORDE, and the kettels in the LORDES house shal be like the basens before the aulter: 21 yee all the kettels in Ierusalem and Iuda, shalbe holy vnto the LORDE of hoostes: and all they that slaye offeringes, shall come and take of them, and dight them therin. And at that tyme there shal be no mo Cananites in the house of the LORDE.

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